Mastercraft Prostar 190 Renovation

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    Hello ,

    I had bought a hull of mastercraft prostar 190 1997 model,totally mistreated and without an engine,I am trying to make a good as possible.After a long research bought a steyr 236 2002 model diesel engine with ZF45 transmission 2:1 ,eventough I think 1:1 or 1:1.25 would be better but this was I could find.
    Inside carpet was wreck bought Floxed textile floor covering with waterproof back side and make a deal with the covering company for vinly seat and other stuff.
    I am looking for some ideas and sugesstions for my unsolved issues:

    1. Top part will be painted but we will try to recover the paint for the bottom (hull)m part from jel coat.How can we do this?
    2. how can I know if the propeller already in will fit this engine and transmission?

    If anyone has some mastercraft logos please send me to my email adress

    If you need any information you are always welcome.

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