mast mounted antenna externally mounted coax

Discussion in 'OnBoard Electronics & Controls' started by soundshooter, Aug 12, 2006.

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    I'm currently putting the hardware onto the refurbished spars of my 67 Cheoy Lee 31' Offshore Ketch. There was a vhf antenna mounted at the mast head with the coax cable screwed down every couple of feet or so. I see some boats with ALL the wiring run on the out side of there wooden mast. Raydar seems to be commonly run on the outside.

    I'm curious as to what experience other boaters have had with wiring practices of this type.

    How important is it to have an antenna mounted at the mast head? Do the benefits of a mast mounted antenna balance out the detriments of externally mounted coax.
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    If your just sticking to bay sailing, then I wouldnt bother with mounting it up top. Not on a wood mast. But I would if you go up the delta, or out the Gate.
    Its very important to have the antenna mounted as high as it can go. The higher it is, the farther the signal can travel.
    So like I said, if it was me, and I wasnt leaving the bay, I wouldnt mount it up top. I'd get a whip-type and mount off the back and take it down when in my slip, or use a hand held VHF. As ugly as that coax is, and as much as it sucks looking at it, you need it.
    I'm sure some others here have advice on the subject of hiding the wire.
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    Chiming in Late on this question!

    One main reason for having the antenna "Up Top" is that the metal stays will have a significant effect on antenna tuning and signal directivity if they are on the same level as the antenna.

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    Putting the antenna up high does help range and keeps the antenna pattern somewhat predictable. If putting the antenna up there does not appeal, and nor does a big ole whip off the stern, have you thought of using an insulated backstay?
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