Mast aft rig

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Moss, Apr 7, 2006.

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    Would there be any point in using an aft mast setup on a model. Id try it just because its different but would there be any advantages
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    Phil Bolger did a mast aft design some time ago. Not sure what he called the boat...Canard maybe. His boat is typical Bolger, it is boxy but he has managed to make it look sexy nonetheless. I believe one or more of the boats have been built. A little digging might turn up an owner who has real world experience with this idea.

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    Defending My Contributions to the Mast Aft Subject

    I was looking back thru the forum and ran across this subject thread that I either had not noticed before, or maybe I just thought I would let it go along on its course and then enter some defenses to the here goes
    Thanks for the compliment on the looks.

    I think if you look back at my website and my postings on this subject, you will NOT find that I have claimed "less windage"

    Don't know that I understand this comment? Are you speaking of the conventional spreaders or my aft facing 'jumper strut'. Certainly it will have to have some beef under the luff tension of the mizzen

    Check this mast aft design out in my gallery of photos:

    I never said "all sails self-tack"

    What I did say, "One single person could sail this fairly large rig from anchor up to anchor down. All the sails roller-furl, and the mainstaysail and the mizzen both can self-tack. Only the genoa needs to be tacked over, and this could be delayed until the boat has come about. Even motorsailer folks should appreciate this rig."

    I might first dispute the "socking great genoa". In reality it is not that big, only equivalent to maybe a 110%. And many a boat has run downwind wing-and-wing with a big genoa and no problems.

    But a schooner rig has TWO mast.

    As I've said previously I did not claim both headsails needed to brought over past fact only the genoa: "the mainstaysail and the mizzen both can self-tack. Only the genoa needs to be tacked over, and this could be delayed until the boat has come about."

    A freestanding schooner is a good prospect. Look up Eric Sponberg's

    I will be adding some of Bolger's info and dwgs to the other discussion on this subject at AftMast

    And you might visit this discussion of Wishbone Masts, A Mast, Bi-Pod Mast
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