Marinizing Small Industrial Diesels

Discussion in 'DIY Marinizing' started by Diesel Dan, Sep 23, 2004.

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    Thanks for the photographs. I took a look at Shekou on Google Earth. Big place! Where are you berthed? :D

    Please post more views.


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    Where HERE is...

    Hi Pericles, let me try this.. Hmmm.. That didn't work... (A .kmz file = Google Earth location) is not allowed. OK. QRX..
    --------------(fooling around)----------------
    OK, there is an attachment with the FAKE name of do NOT UNZIP it, just rename it to Shekou-China.kmz. Click on it (if you have GoogleEarth) and it should fly you to a view of the fishing port area.

    Photos: See
    (There is a Boats album there). I want to create an album and start a thread here about WHAT the different types of boats are, their construction and how they are used in the fishing business... TBD.

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    do you still have the lawnmower

    if you took the engin of of an industrial lawnmower there should be some good
    peices you could use of of it such as the radiator and drive asembly you dont state the make of the lawnmower :?:
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