Marinizing Rotary engine

Discussion in 'DIY Marinizing' started by greendeane, Aug 13, 2008.

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    I was trying to get hold of some bits for a Norton engine which those are based on, but no I didnt have too much luck with them either
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    I put in a request for information, but haven't heard back yet. Are Norton's still in production? I had a 750 back around "69", sweet machine. Vibrated a lot though.
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    Not sure, there were a few concept bikes around the place, Ive actually got a 72 750, well sort of its in bits on my desk.... The UAV engines were developed from the Norton rotary engine (well Im pretty sure of this) which incidently were very smooth!
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    seen one set up in a 16ft jet boat, the guy spent heaps of money on it buy didnt get the performance he imagined, generally came down to not having enough torque to get the engine speed up quick enough as it is always under load, and he basically went back to a toyotq lexus v8 twin turbo and loved it, i think from memory it was a stock jap engine re computerized and decompresed with twin turbo.
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    All this is very exciting and interesting. I almost bought a Suzuki motorcycle w a rotary so I read the maintenance manual extensively and determined that it was a little like an early 80s car w too many semi effective emission control devices. Another thing I recall was that the "anti-backfire" valve was very important. Not a good thing on a marine engine. It sounded like it needed too many auxiliary systems to make it behave. Being a motorcycle the production run was probably so small proper development wasn't an option.
    I believe OMC experimented w rotaries for OB use probably in the 60s.
    Small high reving engines. Great stuff.

    Easy Rider
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    Yes they certainly did have a few rotarys but only raced them.
    They did have a production of air cooled rotary snow mobiles
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    Hi there,
    Actually i think to write my thesis about Mounting Wankel Engines On Marine Vessels.Maybe i would Share my Thesis with Forum when it is finished.
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    Mazda still makes the 13B-MSP Renesis twin-rotor Wankel, which weighs 122 kg and puts out about 230 hp. That's probably the most advanced rotary design you can find on the market today, but it's hard to find one without a sports car wrapped around it. Nothing's changed much in the rotary engine market since this thread started in 2008.
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    Angélique aka Angel (only by name)

    I wondered what's out there... so Google ‘‘marinized wankel’’ gave me this...

    Popular Science, Feb. 1966, page 148 - 149: ‘‘The WANKEL ENGINE Goes to Sea’’

    One of them old marinized NSU Wankels for sale in NZ in 2009.

    And these four-strokes seems to be for sale nowadays... from Ontario Matt . . :)

    40 to 240 HP and + 35% ~ 40% when supercharged..

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    I have to respect people who do "out of the box" conversions like Josh posted. Rotaries in a 45' boat? This takes a lot of imagination and commitment. Good on you!

    I have some rotary experience and I would think that they have promise in a smaller faster boat, especially with jet drives. Realistically, I think any number of piston engines would be more practical, but what's the fun in that?

    Another thing to consider is that there has been a lot of success with programmable EFI with the rotaries. This is especially true in the land of Oz. Lots of good experimenting goes on down under.
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