Marinizing a Mercedes 240D Engine??

Discussion in 'DIY Marinizing' started by jfreemanTMN, Feb 11, 2018.

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    I forgot to add, I plan to run a "cherry bomb" car muffler on a dry exhaust stack of the PRINCESS DREAMS, as is commonplace on South Texas workboats.

    Also, my Darla is a professional interior decorator. - When I told her about my plans to build us a retirement home "out on the salt", I told her that the 2-story houseboat's interior was hers to do. = A "big canvas" for my artistic lady to do as pleases her.
    (I'm planning to be "the building contractor" & to "sub out" the things that I don't knoew how to do, don't want to do and/or cannot do myself at age 71.)

    Incidentally, I found a 1994 wrecked Dodge Ram PU last Friday with a 6BT for 500.oo = The totaled PU has 174,000 total miles on the drivetrain.
    (I suspect that I can peddle enough stuff off the wreck to "clear my investment")

    yours, Jim
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