Mariner 60 4-stroke burn mark below powerhead

Discussion in 'Outboards' started by oivindu, Sep 26, 2007.

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    oivindu Oivind

    Greetings group members!
    My first post to this great place. As English is my second language I hope you will ignore any strange language.
    I was out today for the first time in two weeks and noticed a strange mark below the powerhead on my 60 hp Mariner (4-stroke, year 2001).

    The paint was peeling and I thought that another boat has hit the engine some time during the last two weeks.

    I started out slowly and was trolling for about 30 minutes. I then checked the area where the paint was peeling off and was shocked to see that a burn mark was showing (had not been brown burn mark when I sat out). I touched the spot and it was unbelievable hot. I shut off my outboard and splashed water on the area to cool it down.
    Stopped my trolling and headed home without any problems. But, dear forum experts: What can cause this heat in this area of the outboard?

    I will try to insert an image that I took with my mobile. If it doesnt work here is a link to a image of the burn mark:

    Any suggestions are much appreciated.

    Regards from Norway


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    I'd guess a bad head gasket or exhaust manifold gasket is blowing out super-heated air. Do a compression check on all cylinders.

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