Marine Technician Seeking Employment

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    coyotecoast Mike

    Marine Technician Seeking Employment

    I am seeking a position at a Shipyard or large sailing vessel.
    Over 12 Years experience in maintenance and repair involving
    Mechanical, electrical, plumbing of a broad range. In Southern
    California, Would relocate for the right employment.

    I have worked on Tallships as Engineer on long ocean Voyages
    from The South Pacific to The East Coast. Served as Port Engineer
    for the HMS Bounty for its major refit in Maine. Installed a major
    mechanical and electrical upgrade for the 1925 Schooner Roseway,
    serving as Engineer for its Caribbean. Other Tallships include The Hudson
    River Sloop Clearwater, Hawaiian Chieftain.

    My Experience would benefit any business with the skills necessary
    To do jobs needed. If interested please contact me at
    For my complete Resume that includes many reference’s

    Thank you,
    Michael McVeigh
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