Marine Systems Engineer to Mechanical Engineering

Discussion in 'Education' started by O.Clough, Oct 16, 2018.

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    I am currently a student at Maine Maritime Academy, and had a thought, maybe you guys can help me understand more. I am a Marine Systems Engineering student, and was thinking of switching to another school as a mechanical engineer to get my bachelors, and then go on to get a masters in naval architecture. I would like to design boats one day, not ships. Is this the best way to do so? Any other advice or ways I can ultimately design boats? Thank you
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    You would think that Marine Systems E would be closer to your career field and would contribute more towards a masters in Naval Arch.? M. E. is kind of "generic" engineering, you won't get much if anything about boats or ships besides some of the basic maths. A maritime academy will also give you the hands on, and will look better on a CV. There is a lot more money and career options in ships than boats. An engineer with ship building experience can always go design/build boats, but the reverse is usually not true.
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    A marine systems engineer works onboard maintaining and repairing all mechanical and hydraulic systems. A mechanical engineering degree is the jack of all trades and can get you into designing boats if you study further; even on your own. A marine engineer degree is very similar to a naval architect.,
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