Marine Project Manager - Dubai - Urgent

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by Championship, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. Championship
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    Championship New Member

    I have an opening for an project manager to join the most ambiotious and progressive yacht building company in the Middle East. Based in the United Artab Emirates i am looking for a strong project manager who has supervised and led teams in building luxurry yachts - ideally from design to handover. We have a teams of 30 technicians and 200 employees overall and we hope to doube in 1 year due to new contracts.

    This is an excellent opening to earn a TAX FREE Salary of upto 90,000 US$ + Housing / accomodation paid and a car provided. Other benefits will include Childrens private education, full medical cover, annual vacation tickets etc

    To top it all year round sunshine, an excellent standard of living in the most rapidly developing country globally and get to build luxury yachts for super rich sheiks!!

    If you can also reccomend a friend even better because i need 3 project managers for 3 teams

    Forward your CV to
  2. Greg Nichols
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    Greg Nichols New Member

    I am curently working for Grand Banks, and would like to know more about you position,

  3. lacasmarine
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    lacasmarine Junior Member

    I have 7 years under my belt restoring and building boat up to 38'.I built plugs to mold to parts to 70 mph running.
  4. longliner45
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    longliner45 Senior Member

    can they practice thier religion,?,and do they have to live on a compound?and will they be treated like tainted dogs?,,,longliner
  5. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    Dubai . Fantastic beaches , pubs , diso;s bars, markets-day and night, fabulous family clubs, theme parks, shopping centres, sports clubs, marinas, offshore fishing, clear crystal waters, and rich green golf courses. The best time of my life.

    Not to be confused with Saudi Arabia. My apartment was in Galladari galleria,--Hyatt Hotel, there was an ice skating rink there.

    The most expensive '6 star' hotel in the world is in Dubai.---- Bill Clinton goes there.
  6. longliner45
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    I stand corrected

    thanks jack ,just trying to look out for those who may not know what they are getting into,,,but due to my ignorance ,,,,I stand corrected ,thanks,,longliner oh yea; if clinton goes there watch your women....
  7. SouthernCross
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    SouthernCross Junior Member

    Yeah i would jump at the chance if i had the skillzzz.

    But i dont :(
  8. Verytricky
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    Verytricky Large Member

    Dubai - rich and hot London.
    Saudi - rich and hot Jail.

    From personal experiance.

  9. hamish
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    hamish New Member


    Did you find the people you were looking for? I am currently looking for a job in the middle east doing some yacht building. I have a degree in Technology & Management and a second degree in Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering. I was a a Project Manager at Camper & Nicholson's in the uk and have been involved with Nautor on a couple of large yacht projects as the client rep from concept through to launch. If you are still looking for anyone please send me an e-mail.
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