Marine Parker Boats still in business?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Dan Seiple, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. Dan Seiple
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    Dan Seiple Junior Member

    Does anyone have contact info for Reuel Parker or know if they are still in business? I'd like to build one of his Commuters, but I haven't received any response from the email on their website. Tad Roberts and Doug Hylan both have comparable cruisers, but Parker's designs are pretty slick. I appreciate any leads!

    Parker Marine

  2. Angélique
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    Angélique aka Angel (only by name)

    Hi Dan, welcome to the forum . . :cool:

    Reuel usually lives summers in Maine and winters in Florida and the Bahamas, but now he's selling his house in Maine, and started in Dec. 2016 the build (scroll down) of a 53' Sardine Carrier Motorsailer at the Riverside Marina, in Ft. Pierce, FL. This new boat will serve as his cruising yacht and also as retirement home.

    Maybe someone local in or near Ft. Pierce can give us an update on the build*, since the bottom of the last above linked page stops at May 2017 now, this was at the start of the 2017 summer break.

    What did you do to try to contact Parker Marine yet ? - And when was this ?

    Good luck !

    P.S. - * How well did the build tent, and the build, survive hurricane Irma . . ?
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  3. david@boatsmith
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    Reuel is currently in Fort Pierce working on the 53'er. It is truly amazing what he accomplishes in a small amount of time. He is currently finishing plans for a 43' commuter.I am ciphering a bid for the man commissioning the design. Same guy who commissioned Magic. After 20 years of owning her Irma threw a couple of clorox bottleson top of her.They beat the crap outof her and then sank leaving Magic floating in a mess of wreakage. His younger brother is now rebuilding her and hopefully we will start the new boat soon. Reuel has always had a reclusive streak and he is very busy finishing palns for the 43 and completing his new 53. He would indeed like to sell someplans so persistance is my only advice. Or email meyour contact stuff and I will get it to him in a few days,,,week .

  4. Steve W
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    My son and his girlfriend bought a 42ft Simpson catamaran project boat that was at Riverside marina in the fall of 2016 and when we went down to work on it over xmas Reuel had a tent set up and was working on his boat. We drove by multiple times a day in the 3 weeks we were there and I often thought of stopping in for a look but we were there on a mission working long days and I also didn't want to waste his time either. I think when we left he had the tent down and the boat shrink wrapped. When we returned to finish up and launch the boat and head north to the great lakes in May 2017 his boat was gone. He had gotten it pretty structurally complete but must have moved it somewhere else to finish it. Looked like a cool boat.
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