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Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by amateur mariner, Mar 11, 2009.

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    I want to learn about the types of marine paints.If there is any handout it will be useful.What all paints and paintwork procedures used in the world.If somebody refr me to some book or something which can help me in undertsanding and making my concept clear while carryig out boat building that what all paints are in use and where too apply which paint ad so on.

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    Paints, in spite of all the advertising hoopla, are not necessarilly marine or otherwise. They are specified for certain environments and applications. For example, mold resistant bathroom paint is great for boat interiors. It stays clean, is easy to apply and costs less than something with the marine label on. Many industrial enamels are the same as the gloss topside paints. You need to specify an application and find the paint that is good for that purpose.
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    Try International Paints and Devoe Paints in Google
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    For boat building don't use the expensive advertized marine paints like Pettit, Epifanes, Interlux, etc. for the rediculous price of $250/ gal US $'s. Use what the professional boat mfg'ers use and that is: Sherwin-Williams 646 epoxy below the water line, and Sherwin-Williams Polylon 1900 above the water line. The ploylon is the best paint on the market made by the worlds largest paint maufacter. It gives the wet look when dry and final finish looks to be identical to a glass built boat. Retail price is approx $225/gal but I paid $80/gal. 646 epoxy can be purchased for $45/gal and is a far superior product. There is a huge mark-up in paints (300% -500%). So here's my sugestion: Contact a local painting contractor that will purchase the paint for you. Paint discounts go according to the total volumne the contractor buys so find a big contractor. Maybe he could be talked into making the purchase for you for cash and a 5% markup. Please note that this paint is not sold at 97% of the Sherwin stores. You must go to a store where there are professional boat builders nearby because they will sell it. The other Sherwin stores won't even have knowlege of the product.
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    unfortunately the original request was from "anywhere", so I used paints available "anywhere"
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