Marine Mechanical Engineer - 10 YRS a must

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    reconsmokey Marine Recruiter

    MUST BE A US CITIZEN - able to pass a drug screen and background check
    • Works independently (with minimal supervision), or on project teams
    • Lead or manage small mechanical engineering projects
    • Manage cost, schedule and technical product development
    • Supervise junior or mid-level staff on projects or teams
    • Performs quality assurance reviews of complex analyses, calculations and drawings developed by junior and mid-level staff
    • Interacts with clients at a peer level
    • Bachelor’s Degree in Marine Engineering or Mechanical Engineering or equivalent
    • 8 -12 years of professional engineering experience
    • Proficiency in using industry-standard mechanical system design and analysis software tools
    • Marine Machinery engineering experience, particularity with distributive fluid systems

    If interested e-mail resume to and I'll e-mail reply and then call you
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