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    Good Day all

    I’m studying marine engineering in the uk, and as part of the final year of my course I must complete a R&D engineering project. this project can be based around any idea as long as it entails enough engineering to meet the criteria of the project.

    no the problem i have been doing academics for the past few months and im fresh out of idea's, it seam everything i think of doing has been done im opening it up to suggestions.

    any help would be great
    Many thanks
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    How about a temporary or permanent Breakwater that could be floated on it's own and on it's side, then filled with water so it rotates to the vertical and can be placed where it is guided. A very secure anchoring method and bottom attachment must be designed. It would be great if it could be taken down and moved elsewhere. There are needs for temporary Breakwaters.
    It should be sectional so it can be made any length and height.
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