Marine drafting & design work wanted

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by glugglugglug, Mar 16, 2002.

  1. glugglugglug
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    glugglugglug New Member

    Marine drafting & design work, autocad & solid works 17' to 50' power, sail, aluminum, steel wood and fiberglass over 50 boats in the water. Full time, part time project or contract.
  2. rajmuddappa
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    rajmuddappa Junior Member

    I have been in the composite and fiberglass design and manufacturing since 1985. I have experience with carbon and glass molds; kevlar, carbon and glass prepregs. Worked for an Advanced Light Helicopter Prototype and Pre-series production with German collaboration. Was trained at Eurocopter for the design and manufacturing of advanced composite parts and molds, sandwich panels, assembly, testing, inspection, special tools, etc. Also worked on 650 Kw Wind Turbine Blades, Light Aircraft, Bonded satellite panels, etc.

    I have also experience with drafting and autocad.

    If you are still looking for a capable person to work on your projects, please e-mail me.

    Thank you.


    Raj Muddappa
  3. rajeevdman
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    rajeevdman Junior Member

    online drafting job

    do u like to work online? please send the detailals ,rate etc.
  4. Acika
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    Acika New Member

    I am naval architect, B.Sc., from Belgrade, Serbia. Seven years of experience as design engineer, including yachts and pleasure boats in wood, steel and GRP. At the moment I lead team in design of 32 meters long river motor yacht. If you can see me somewhere in your business, be free to contact me by e-mail. Is there possibility to design something here and send by mail?

    Aleksandar Stojanovic,
  5. ARGO
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    ARGO Junior Member

    I am in BC also. What is it you require. Maybe i can assist you?
  6. glossdesign
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    glossdesign Arch.

  7. how.steve
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    how.steve Junior Member

  8. shanaka
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    shanaka New Member

    Can I submit assignments on-line? But preffer to come over BC and work full time. I will attach my cv herewith. To work on-line give me your rates and terms and conditions. Hope to here from you soon.:)

  9. vishnubaiju
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    vishnubaiju Junior Member

    Experienced in Marine design, drafting

    A qualified Naval Architect from India, having experience of more tahn 15 years in this field. Eerything can be prepared and send to you by email. Please Email me with all details.
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