Man Overboard Movie Now On DVD!!!

Discussion in 'Press Releases' started by ManOverboardMov, Aug 13, 2009.

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    The hilarious new feature length comedy Man Overboard has just been released to DVD!!! Directed by Oliver Robins, who starred in Steven Spielberg’s Poltergeist, Man Overboard tells the story of a boat shop owner who unwittingly hires a slick con man as his new sales manager, and subsequently has his life turned upside down.

    Film critic T.C. Candler calls the movie “genuinely funny from credits to credits... The story is consistently entertaining and original.” Richard Propes of The Independent Critic chimes in, calling it the “the perfect example of a well made, entertaining independent film.” Charles Tatum of said the movie was “one of those good films [that] kept surprising me as I watched it.” And Colin Boyd of Get The Big Picture calls it “a really effective comedy that’s actually about something.”

    Go to to purchase the DVD for only $19.95 plus S&H! And if you sign up for the mailing list while you’re there, you’ll be notified about all kinds of cool offers, like discounts and giveaways on gifts, T-shirts, hats, and autographed items used in the movie! Don’t miss the boat! Order your copy now!

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  2. apex1

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    The world was waiting for that! Especially boaters world!
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    In a sale 3.95 in 3months after DVD release reckon:rolleyes:
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    Rent for a dollar.

  5. apex1

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    A dollar is 1,57 Turkish Lira man! I can buy every movie black copied at 2 Lira in the backroads of Istanbul!
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