Maltese Falcon

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    Guillermo Ingeniero Naval

    Perini Navi announced that on Wednesday June 7th, the 88m Clipper Yacht “Maltese Falcon” successfully completed her first sail trial on the Bosphorus sea.

    More info at:

    Maltese Falcon statistics
    LOA: 88,0 m 289.1 ft
    Waterline Length: 78,2 m 256.6 ft
    Beam: 12,6 m 42.2 ft
    Draft: 6,0 m 19.7 ft
    with dagger board 11,0 m 36.0 ft
    Mast Head Height: 58,2 m 191.0 ft
    Sail area: 2.396,0 m2 25,791.0 ft2
    Displacement: 1.240,0 t 1,366.0 US tonnes
    Ballast: 200,0 t lead, 50 t salt water

    MCA Commercial Certified and ABS __A1 Yachting Classification.

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    And MF allready sold. Quite a statement of her owner's interrest.
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