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Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by tom perkins, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. tom perkins
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    tom perkins New Member

    The Web site contains frequent photo and journal updates on this new yacht, which is the largest, and probably the fastest, sailboat on the planet. T.P.
  2. SeaSpark
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    SeaSpark -

    Maltese Falcon threads:

    Hoi Tom,

    Welcome to the forum, we already have some threads on Maltese Falcon.

    Poll: Maltese Falcon, hit or miss?

    At this moment 28.21% of the voters think Maltese Falcon is a triumph in yacht design

    Sloop verse Square Rig, Maltese Falcon vs Mirabella:

    Maltese Falcon:

    Personally i think this yacht is a great example of what lateral thinking and the application of modern materials can lead to in rig design. Apart from that she is stunningly beautiful.


    I really hope it is you, we have had a bad case of a forum member impersonating someone else recently. Including legal action warnings.

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  3. brian eiland
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    brian eiland Senior Member

    Wecome Mr Perkins

    As pointed out by SeaSpark, there have been those of us who have had quite an interest in this project for some time.

    I've been particularly interested in the aero dynamics of the situation....reference this posting of mine back in 1994:

    Maltese Falcon's use of the DynaRig, and its pointing characteristics, and the 'slot theory' affirmation.

    Sure wish I could find a progressive person such as Tom obviously is to go forward with my single-masted ketch rig concept. I written a few people about it, including this short excerpt from a letter to Jim Clark;
    "As owner of the world's largest mainsail, you should find my treatment of this subject rather interesting in my article, "Revisiting the Mast-Aft Sailing Rig". You'll find that I've also chosen a cutter configuration, but with a ketch variation (you will notice that I eliminated the second mast and the duplicate rigging required of the conventional ketch); i.e."A Unique New Cruising Rig".

    Next, I would recommend, "Gamefishing For Sail Under Sail", which addresses other features of this 65' motor-sailer which enhance its capabilities of global fishing & exploration. Note that this vessel's mission need not just be fishing. The proposal letter to Mr.Walton expands on some of these features, and challenges us to make a really fun project of creating this very capable, extended range, unique motor and sailing vessel. Like an old Zen saying, ‘The journey is the reward.’

    A number of the unique features proposed for this vessel have potential marine applications that go far beyond just this vessel. The unique rig, the belt-drive propeller system, the polycarbonate/ methacrylate bulkheads, the asymmetrical centerboards, the flywheel generator could all, or partially showcase their development on this prototype vessel. There could be some tax incentives for this development program, as well as other benefits upon disposal (donation) of the prototype vessel to college researchers.

    Thus far, I have not been able to attract a client for this vessel. Maybe it is perceived as too specialized a vessel, or possibly I have just not exposed it enough. It would be a real shame if it were never built. The sailing world might never know the potentials that exist with this rig. ...........And this little "fishing boat" with only a couple of crew could have outperformed most all of those superyachts racing in the Millennium Cup in New Zealand. I've even made provision for this boat to be steered by an auxiliary tiller, should someone wish to experience sailing a big fast, well-balanced boat with the excellent feel afforded by tiller steering.

    I am petitioning yourself as you apparently love to create sailing craft and you like the technology aspect. The price of 1.5 or even 2 million is quite small compared to your other projects (Hyperion and now Athena); and the risk factor as a spec boat I feel will be low once some enthusiastic buyers experience her performance and versatility
    :idea: :?:
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  4. Guillermo
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    Guillermo Ingeniero Naval

    Hi, Tom
    welcome to these forums. I like very much your ship and the forward thinking way of design, congratulations.
    Brian noted something interesting at his 1994 posting:
    "Interestingly, they are not trying to account for the wind gradient (twist) with this new design even though it is an extremely tall rig"
    Could you comment something on this?
  5. Duma Tau
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    Duma Tau Junior Member

    Falcon follows Junk Rig tenets

    I was struck by the similarity in form, shape, build and set of the Falcon's perfectly trimmed sails, and how similar the whole concept is to Chinese Junk and more modern Junk rig sail plans, such as Dimitri LeForestier's Jonques Du Plaisance and Sunbird's cruiser plans.

    Robin Blain of Sunbird stresses the importance of vertical as well as horizontal camber: both these qualities exist in the photos of the Falcon when sailing, it would appear.

    Beauty exists in the eye of the beholder, and my eyes are brimful, when looking at the Falcon under way.
  6. Tad
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    Tad Boat Designer

    Silly and pointless statement, therefore I would suggest a troll. More like the fastest steel monohull centerboard square-rigger built in recent years?

  7. usa2
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    usa2 Senior Member

    I think Tad has a point. Its obviously not the fastest sailboat on the planet, and i would assume Tom Perkins would know that. This could be a troll.
  8. brian eiland
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    brian eiland Senior Member

  9. RoseannaLeaton
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    RoseannaLeaton RoseannaLeaton

    Have just seen this amazing vessel in Douglas harbour, Isle of Man. Looks fantastic.
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