Maltese Falcon ... hit or miss?

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Maltese Falcon, hit or miss?

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  1. vfibe
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    vfibe New Member

    I like it a lot......but why don't we ask the owner about his new boat....

    Wow...lots of pros and cons eh.....For me it is more important to see from the owners point of view. A design is considered to be succesfull if it gives satisfaction to the one for whom we design. Why don't we ask the Maltese Falcon owner " you like yer new boat"...if he said "of course I am"....then the design is succesful.....:D. The very perfect design is unexisted....designers knows that well...they can only try to satisfy their client, not"evrybody".....

    Dream on dreamers
  2. brian eiland
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    brian eiland Senior Member

    Owner's Viewpoint

    Dear vfib, look back at posting #47 for the owner's comment

  3. Shife
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    Shife Anarchist

    Careful...Frank's allure has worn off on the admins. They now seem to take a notch or two off of your "Rep" for responding to his nonsense.
  4. SouthernCross
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    SouthernCross Junior Member

    The sat domes still need to be high if they're sending otherwise the crew get irradiated just like with the radar. Ones that only receive can be low down.

    I think the Falcon is superb, both inside and out. Agreed though, about the signal mast - when i first saw it i thought... nah. But Tom says it's partly for aesthetic reasons which has got me thinking.......

    It looks quite good in this pic:


    Congrats Mr Perkins on a superb yacht.
  5. Stephen Ditmore
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    Stephen Ditmore Senior Member

  6. lacasmarine
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    lacasmarine Junior Member

    I like it. It is not for everyone. The bridge is too cool for a sail boat.(clipper ship)
    I realy like the self furling sails(Anything that I don't have to do. I like)
    But i would like to see the house change. it looks too much like a power boat.
    but thats what i think.
  7. Vega
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    Vega Senior Member

    In the January 2007 edition of Yachting Monthly the boat had Cover honors and inside there is a big article.

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  8. ukebert
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    ukebert blank

    I really like it.

    It does look slightly out of proportion, but other than that I think it's really quite elegant. Anyway, it's a really interesting piece of engineering, and I sincerley hope that someone makes a go of it. It would be a shame to see a design like this put by the side.

    I would want to see this sort of rig on a commercial boat, with this daggerboard the heel will be reduced, and it would be an amazing experience to say, sail to New York in her. Whether transporting cargo would be cost effective is another matter ;) Still, everyone's green-mad nowadays.

    Mr Perkins, congratulations on a wonderful boat; I wish I could shake you by the hand :D
  9. ukebert
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    ukebert blank

    Looking at it again, it is that radar mast that looks wrong... :)
  10. mighetto
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    mighetto New Member

    Apparently the hull had been sitting in a yard for over 10 years and the masts were developed originally by the oil industry for use on tankers. The success of this vessel calls out for hull design with more thinking about the masts. This is a true ship. Huzzah

    The most interesting technology is the fiber optics running inside the mast. When the mast bends it changes the frequency of light measured at the bottom. This helps identify when to roll in the top royals - yes all the sails roll into the mast.

    From the article, the water ballast will be supplemented with dagger boards in the near future.

    Where is my foil sailing hat? I need it to measure fiber optic frequency.

    Frank L. Mighetto
    member US Sailing
    member SSSS
  11. marshmat
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    marshmat Senior Member

    This incorrect understanding of the operation of an optical strain gauge notwithstanding, these are indeed useful devices. (There is not a frequency shift- that would be the Doppler effect, which requires fast movement- rather, these devices compare the interference patterns created where the beams of light from two optical fibres are recombined into one beam.) It could be an interesting tool for testing advanced rigs- can anyone confirm if M.F. is so equipped?
  12. ukebert
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    ukebert blank

    According to YM it is so equipped.
  13. brian eiland
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    brian eiland Senior Member

    Measuring Dopper Shift

    I'm not sure of the actual measurement scheme onboard Falcon. but I have been led to understand that in measuring Dopper frequency shift, that trying to 'detect' the very small frequency shift is very difficult unto itself, so instead they add the two signals (original and new) together and read the much longer beat frequency to determine the 'shift' frequency that occurred.
  14. brian eiland
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    brian eiland Senior Member

    Dynarig MotorSailer

    Okay guys, what do you think about this ??

    "Sail, the historic implement of world exploration, has within itself many new horizons that beckon for pursuit, but you have to be willing to venture past charted waters." - Gary Hoyt

    This quote from Gary Hoyt has never been more illuminating than today, when I introduce a new motorsailing design that sports 'another unusual sailing rig'. An inventive and resourceful gentleman, Tom Perkins, has 'ventured past charted waters' to bring us a modern version of the old square-rigger, the DynaRig. He has done it in a big way with a real-life 'proof-of-concept' aboard his innovative and fabulous new 290' superyacht, Maltese Falcon.

    My prior 'mast-aft ketch' had elicited notable resistance among members of the conservative sailing community, but I retain that discussion here on the website for those who can't grasp the newest concept of a free-standing, square-rigger. The DynaRig's application to a multihulled vessel is addressed under the new section, "DynaRig MotorSailer". The selling this new design and rig should be quite a bit easier following the prototyping provided by Maltese Falcon.

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  15. Guillermo
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    Guillermo Ingeniero Naval

    I really do like your new design of a motorsailer cat with the DynaRig, and find it appealing to cruising people (I don't know about big game fishers. Maybe those are another kind of guys). To my taste it's a much more 'sellable' concept than your previous aftmast one (this said without discredit of this one). I also like the Rim-Driven diesel-electric propulsion you suggest. A nice modern concept of a motorsailer. Congratulations. I wish you the best of lucks with this new project.
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