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Discussion in 'Materials' started by James74, Dec 24, 2019.

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    In subcontinent (India/Pakistan) professional Fiberglass sheet makers are using a self made Gelcoat. However i am unable to find anyone on youtube using same formula to create their own Gelcoat. I am curious, is that really how Gelcoat is made ?

    What they do is, They add 1% cobolt in 3 kg Resin, And mix it well, After that they add color pigment, again mix it well, and Than they add approximately 120 Gram aerosil powder And mix it well. Than they left it overnight and After 12 hours Gelcoat is ready.

    Anyone tried this method ?
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    The short story is no, that’s not how gel coat is made, at least not in developed countries.
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    Missing just some paraffin oil if I recall it about right..
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    Gel coat doesn’t really have an exact formula, how it’s going to be used determines what ingredients and methods of production are chosen.

    In the case of flat panels, you can use a relatively simple formula, especially if UV and water resistance isn’t a high priority.

    The gel coat for flat panels in India just needs to level and flow relatively well on a flat surface. It doesn’t need to resist sagging, porosity, pigment separation, fading, chalking, cracking, government emission regulations, exact color matching, shelf life stability, meet a set of specifications to fill the needs of a diverse mix of customers, etc.

    Since the base resin and pigment are really the only things needed to make a very primitive colored 20 mil cosmetic layer on the surface of the panel, they can use it.

    Making a gel coat that will meet the needs of the far more demanding customers and requirements of the marine industry, or any other market that insists on products that perform to the highest affordable level is far more involved.
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    I’d contact a company like Scott Bader to purchase from.
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