Making a Punt

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by pdmclean, Nov 11, 2014.

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    or Weetabix is a UK based shredded wheat biscuit cereal, but the point is absolutely correct... it dissolves in water like shredded wheat in milk. I hope you are talking MDO (medium density overlay) plywood rather than MDF (medium density fiberboard) which is coarse sawdust glued together. No matter what you try to seal it with... it WILL fall apart.
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    Here is a website with free plans and instructions, plus a lot of photographs and other information, for a range of small, simple and inexpensive boats, and some slightly larger and slightly more complex ones:

    Hannu's Boatyard:

    its worth looking at all the boats; there are often details and hints which don't occur in each.

    Here is a ONE person, one sheet of ply punt: with lots of detailed instructions, and

    here is a 14 foot, 3 sheet punt:

    Here is a 15'8" 4 sheet punt: with lots of detail



    Not knowing the waters where you intend to use your boat, I couldn't say whether anything here would be suitable for the conditions, but I would heed their advice.... what Hannu's boatyard should give you is the sense that a decent boat can be built easily and cheaply.
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    Don't worry. He'll know what Weetbix is. Every Australian kid knows what Weetbix is. :D


    I used the term because all Australians know what happens to Weetbix when they get wet.
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    Sadly the British Weetabix factory is now Chinese owned.

    Yes those Norfolk (UK) punts are entirely kept upright By athletic crew which is hard work when river sailing as they often do.
    I'ts also why Non athletic me watches them disappearing into the Distance on the 3 Rivers race. A 54 mile race which in a slow boat you're allowed to take 24hours to complete and requires you to take the mast down 4 times going under the 3 Bridges en-route.
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    Well I hope that if pdmclean is putting a mast and sail on his design, he better train his kids in that case. Bert

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    No doubt. :)
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