Making a high efficency 3 Kw DC Generator

Discussion in 'DIY Marinizing' started by kistinie, Mar 8, 2009.

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    kistinie Hybrid corsair

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    You didn't get the reason I posted that simple simon poem, did you kistinie?
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    CDK retired engineer

    Congratulations, you have discovered the function of a regulator. Without your bypass it supplies just enough energy to the rotor to obtain the rated output in a 12 volts system. If the output voltage rises above a certain threshold (around 14 volts), the output is reduced to nearly zero.

    With the regulator terminals bridged you get an open voltage over 30 volts and maximum current the alternator can handle. Used like that in a 12 volts system, the battery will start boiling until it is dry, then the system voltage will rise so all connected devices will burn out. Unless of course the load it high enough to keep the voltage within boundaries, in which case the alternator will eventually commit suicide because it is not designed for the thermal load.
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    did you get the reason I posted the simple simon poem?
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  7. kistinie
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    kistinie Hybrid corsair

    Water Level ...

    Just look at facts
    the more we study water the more power we get from it. No legend or urban myth.

    Level one : Direct water injection to ICE
    Result : More power when added to inlet(increase power, limit detonation) and outlet (cools & accelerate)gas

    Level 2 : Cracking water in H² and O² and adding to inlet of ICE engine
    Result ; Much more torque and power when added to inlet, cleaner combustion

    Level 3 : Full Water engine using only H², O², reacting on metals and other physical effects to understand better.

    Tesla free energy, Bedini motor, joe cell and other experimentations are unexplained.
    Just like we can't explain black holes, dark energy...the list is long.

    For propulsion, water seems to have more potential, at least used with metals, just like for aluminium-gallium producing H²
    So here it is a water/metalic fed car :)

    Of course it is not water alone ! For the moment ;-)

    But metals in water or bacteria in more oil

    So once again facts show that in the futur
    Oil will remain great to product carbon fibre, plastics, ... and aramide, but not to burn
  8. Jimbo1490
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    Level 1

    Water injection is useful as a replacement for 'power enrichment', which normally uses the fuel as an evaporative coolant to reduce combustion temps. Since the engine is burning rich of stoichiometric under such enrichment, this extra fuel will not be burned, but act only as a coolant. In this regard, water injection can reduce fuel consumption under some circumstances. The need for power enrichment has been greatly reduced by the advent of EFI and the intake manifold designs that EFI allows. Either way, there is no magic here.

    Level 2

    The cracking of H20 always requires more energy than can be recovered in subsequent combustion. This includes catalytic metal reactors since the reactor catalyst material will become quickly depleted and must be replaced. The manufacturing of these represents the unrecoverable energy loss in this case. Again, there is no magic here. If you could mine the catalyst material from the ground rather than manufacture it, then maybe there's some sleight of hand. Still no magic, but at least a nice illusion of magic.:D

    Adding H2 to the air stream of an ICE that burns another primary fuel is simply way to 'fool' an EFI setup into running the engine lean. Note this only works with an EFI equipped engine, meaning that it's not a primary effect. This is certainly not magic.

    Level 3

    But water does not burn. In fact, I'm told they often use the stuff to extinguish fires.:p Cracking water is energy net negative, as I've explained. At best, hydrogen can become but an energy storage media, like a battery, storing energy that is invested in it during cracking. Definitely not magical.

  9. kistinie
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    kistinie Hybrid corsair

    Magical mystery tour ?

    This is not a magician forum ;) of course nothing magic

    Water injection give a lot of improvements much more easily than by other complicated devices.

    Engine can get simpler with increase efficiency when water injected

    When craking energy to get H² and O² is coming from solar panels, bacterias, metals...some oil is saved for a better use.

    But this is already the past

    New solution will rely on new physical effect we do not understand for the moment.
    And when 100.000 individuals search, answer will be found kicker...thank's to the basic statistics laws !

    This is the force of internet
    Global thinking
    Individual actions

    And such research organisation is very powerful to break lobby and corruption
    Learn, study, test and give feed back to the others.

    The JP MORGAN collapse is a destiny reverse that may re-open our eyes on Tesla 's work ?
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    masalai masalai

    kistinie, wishful thinking will not fix anything - look at the impact of the American (USA) fiscal collapse on the global economy, No amount of wishing will resolve or fix that - and it seems your desires follow along on a similar vein.... One cannot get blood from a stone - except maybe, from stromatalites which grow in just two parts of the world...

    If you listen to nothing else this weekend - hear this - and figure out how to fend for yourself... - go to "3rd Hour with Jim & John - - Select an Audio Format - Part 1" and select the audio file type you prefer (all are the same content in audio files and in American English)...
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    kistinie, you must be from France.
    When you go to the baker does he give you bread for free.
    The wheat is cheap, it comes from solar energy.
    But it has labor, he needs to support his family, his mistress.
    and if he adds too much water to flour the bread is no good....
    Same with engines, energy, laws of economics, physics....
    Go back to school and study physics, economics, thermodynamics, friction.
  12. apex1

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    I´m shure he still is at shool Mydauphin (3rd grade).
  13. kistinie
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    kistinie Hybrid corsair

    La parabole du boulanger...
    Why not ? Nothing else more solid to explain us how what i say is junk science ?

    I admit i am a curious item, but the subject is not me, subject is producing power for motion and electricity in a clever and responsible way, not a totalitarian destructive way like now with petrol.
    Please let us play alone with our child games while you fill up your tank with oil and the cows will be happy.

    As it doesn't work we will stop playing very soon ?
    So why do you worry for this ?
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    Indeed, Jimbo..... but remember, a thread isn't OVER until Godwin's Law is satisfied.

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    kistinie Hybrid corsair

    Azerty ...Qwerty . Dvorak and other killed good ideas

    All the attitude toward new systems, more efficient look like the new (1936) DVORAK layout for PC keyboards allowing more word per minute in most language, but impossible to set in because of "habitude"
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