Making a high efficency 3 Kw DC Generator

Discussion in 'DIY Marinizing' started by kistinie, Mar 8, 2009.

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    mudman Junior Member

    I am afraid that we can not obtain energy from unicorn horns, rainbow dust, or leprachaun farts. There is not a cheaper, nor more economicaly feasable way than petroleum.

    Oil and gas is what we use. It provides millions of people with jobs. They support their families on this money, pay bills, and spend the money how they choose. In spending this money, other people obtain money, and this helps the economy. People are working and making money, and people are happy. Waiters, bartenders, bakers, zookeepers, and everybody else obtains money made in the oil and gas industry.

    Oil effects steel, boat builders, vessel operators, welders, fabricators, pipe fitters, divers, pilots, engineers, etc. etc. We can go down the line where the fuel prices effect farmers, and in turn effect you. If their is not any oil, what would you like these people to do? I don't know how else to explain it, but energy and oil go hand in hand.

    Don't tell me that oil and gas companies are responsible for the destruction of the economy and the ruination of the world. What are there, maybe 5 major oil companies?(and they pay more in taxes than they profit). There are hundreds of others oil companies, mainly mom and pop shops owned and operated by hard working people. I know where you stand, but I happen to support oil busniess, the millions of people that make a living from it, and the billions of people that use it.

    So lets get rid of oil all together. Millions of jobs will be destroyed, and we can run this puppy on pixie dust and good feelings. Don't be childish.

    So you think that oil destroys the enviornment? Do you have any idea of the regulations required to get oil from a couple miles down, send it to refinery, process it, seperate it, treat it, and then get it to the pump? I guess that you think that those hard working guys just like to dump it into the ocean. Yeah, at $65 a barrel, thats what they like to do. Accidents happen, but they are far and few.

    By the way, global warming is a myth. Global warming was generated by people who want to make some money, and nothing more. It is a lie.

    Bad oil companies, providing jobs for millions of people, selling energy to the world, and trying to do it in a responsible way. How dare they. We need everyone to get their energy from mermaid tails.

    What were we talking about anyway? Oh yeah how to make a small generator. I don't know how to build one that runs on fairy tales.
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    The use of oil is the latest step in our society's natural drive toward efficiency, cleanliness and sustainability, while providing for the basic needs of an increasing population. The previous steps included burning wood and then coal. Oil and natural gas are far cleaner than either of these and their use does not cause deforestation.

    What do you think would happen if there were either no more oil, or oil became unaffordable? How do you think people would cook and heat their homes? Well it would most likely be by burning wood, which would lead to disastrous deforestation. If you look at any very poor but populous country, this is exactly what you see; massive environmental degredation. Take a look at Haiti or any of several war-torn African nations where the economy has collapsed. The widespread adoption of oil as our currency of energy has saved us all from a similar outcome.

  3. kistinie
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    kistinie Hybrid corsair

    Madagascar, Haiti...all these countries are deadly poor only because of corruption and war.

    A SS working hard in a camp was doing a job.
    L'abbé Pierre taking care of homeless was doing a job
    A job can be a nice thing but it can also produce hell
    Many oil jobs can be converted to other technologies, and i imagine it will create even more as it will bring a better money repartition through 1000's of small scale company doing alternative items for narrow markets.

    Here are some example:
    Small size under 20 Kw CPP ? Nothing
    Low cost smart pc programmable BLDC controller ? Nothing
    BLDC PM motor to replace the flywheel ? Nothing
    HHO solar and wind driven kit for boats ? Nothing
    H2O injection kits ? Nothing
    H20 recycling kits ? Nothing

    All these products mean less oil, more jobs.

    So if oil business is so perfect tell me what you think of

    - Going to war for it?
    - Doing "trust prices" on captive markets linked to oil.
    And about this last point i know perfectly what i'm saying as my father was doing this for the biggest world oil compagny and went to court in France for this. I also did that myself for electricity markets, for millions of euro and regret to have lost my soul there for too long.

    This is no fairy tale.
    Energy business world is extremely corrupted, and so is the use of energy we have through the inefficient product we get from the oil friendly industry.
    This is a fact, not an opinion.
    How do you explain that my 1960 MKI 849cc SU Carb mini with minor modifications on inlet pipes and exhaust can run 4 persons more than 60 mpg ?

    When i say corrupted oil, i do not spit on oil but say the way we use it is corrupted, inefficient and only guided by short time profit for a minority
    And once again i (am or was ?) part of this minority, having good time around the world with this corrupted money, so do not tell me it ain't so.


    The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country. Hermann Wilhelm Göring 18 april 1946
  4. mudman
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    mudman Junior Member

    I assume that you are talking about the US going to war for oil.

    I have not heard of any oil company going to war. The US government taxes oil companies big time, so therefore the government has a big interest in oil. The more that they can get their hands on the more revenue they can get. Oil is taxed at the port. Oil refineries in the US buy crude from overseas. If you remember, the middle east was screwing us on the price, and at one point, they would not even sell it. This made US oil companies happy, since they thought we would be able to explore for more oil at home.

    An offshore oil platform cost anywhere between 5 million and 5 billion in the US. To put the same platform in West Africa, you can multiply that price by 10. I have designed a few. Cost analysis and profitability of course play a huge part. There are thousands of known oil reserves that we have not tapped into yet because the price of oil is not high enough to profit from these fields. Maybe in the future, maybe not.

    So oil companies decided to go to war? OK. How many trillions of dollars did they spend? There is enough oil in the US to supply the entire country. The government will not let oil companies explore for more oil. There are too many taxes and too much red tape. I guess that going to war is easier than filling out a few forms and waiting a few weeks for permits.
    We are doing very cool things with oil in order to get more out of oil fields and get more out of crude. CO2 injection, waterfloods, gas lift, sulfur recovery. Nothing is wasted. Plastics, Tires, makeup, solvents, garbage bags, crayons, candles, toothpaste, and a thousand other products are petroleum based. I think that all of these products, including gas and oil have been pretty efficient so far.
    I don't see how a controlled pitch prop,can reduce fuel consumption. It is a prop. Low cost smart PC programable BLDC controller sounds anything but low cost. HHO solar and wind driven kits. Are you still talking about removing hydrogen from water? Water injection and recycling I think were explained to you already. So I believe that I can safely say yes, it is nothing.
    It's 849cc. I have a lawnmower with more displacement. What are you pushing there, a whopping 35 hp? My wife has a 140 hp honda that gets close to 40 mpg highway. That's stock, no mods, came from the factory like that. I've had it up to 130 mph already too.

    This theory that oil companies are going to war for oil, modifying cars and engines to be less efficient, and killing people that invented things like the car that runs on water or the engine that runs on air, are all conspiracy theories.
    No they are at war with themselves because they are poor. I'm running out of patience trying to explain economics. There is a class war. There is very little money, the people have no skills. War did not cause it. War is the direct result of it.

    If you get rid of oil, you will destroy millions of peoples lives. Once these people are homeless, who will help them? Once again you are caught in a catch 22.

    As far a loosing my soul, I have met hundreds af good hard working people. I've met big time and small time, and all of the time, these corrupt people give to charities and organizations, and so do I. I am constantly at fund raisers for cancer, down syndrome, autism, disabilites. The list goes on and on. Lost my soul? I help any way that that I can, and so do most of the people in the industry.

    I guess that the millions of jobs created by oil and gas can be replaced by people building CCP's and flux capacitors. Get real man.

    Just go build that generator that runs on dreams and let me know how that works out for you.
  5. kistinie
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    kistinie Hybrid corsair

    In a way, yes but i do not look down on America as i really love this country for more than 20 years.

    Very funny.
    What was the business of your ex president and his crew ?

    Yes, war is a very good deal not only for oil as the trillions of dollar will go to friends doing munition, planes and all the rest.

    A CPP means efficiency for propulsion and regeneration. I think 20 to 30 % average increases. It is also a solution to take off reduction and rotation inverter
    Actual BLDC controller 5 Kw are 500$ list price
    With a wide diffusion, could be 150 to 200$. They are almost compulsory to ant hybrid system.
    Water injection under any form works and is on the way for mass production, but sadly with 50 to 80 years delay.

    42 hp on the dymo at the wheels ! Please !
    70 miles maximum speed and in town, for the same travel, half gas from your Honda. To me,/ this is unacceptable.

    No not modifying ! Just doing nothing or the minimum!
    French "fregates" retro commission scandal : 11 dead...suicide and fun accidents
    In France we kill ecologist
    In Russia the press

    Nothing very new under the sun.

    I love economics ! Try this !

    No you do not get rid of oil, you stop burning it, at least you burn much less.
    You build a light carbon boat using less oil and keep it longer. This for a smaller TOC. High quality products cost less.

    Even among Nazis in camp were good hard working people. Working hard is not an equivalent of being good.
    You can do disgusting things and nice things. It is not because you support a nice action that you won't be any more a drug dealer by example.

    It is not an addition
    -10 of **** + 11 of good = 1 good guy !!!
    Very funny, but this old song is not serious.

    I will do my best to make my ideas become products.
    And i hope that really soon you will have no other choice than buying one !
  6. mudman
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    mudman Junior Member

    Boy you are hard headed. When you find this free energy source, please let me know. Try and remember the LOWS of conservation of energy though because they will certainly kick you in the butt.

    With the current technology, you will find out that you are grasping at a fantasy, as you have been told. I am sure that you can get these things to work, but you WILL be dealing with a high price tag, inefficiency, and more pollution than a small diesel. Most of this stuff is not rocket science. Simple calcs, and common sense engineering. Just build the thing since you know all about it. I'm sure that it will be much better that our barbarian ways.

    Build it. Please. When you are pennyless and neeed to change those batteries, or other parts on the extremely complicated system, let me know how that worked out. Don't blow yourself up with that hydrogen either.

    Like we've all said. Go buy a generator. I'm sorry, those bad old oil companies built it inefficient. Right? GW and his crew put it together themselves laughing and joking the whole time. GROW UP.

    GW was president of the US when he went to war. Therefore, the US GOVERNMENT went to war, not oil companies. Do you know of any Exxon or BP Troops? Yesterday I saw a Chevron tank and a fighter jet. Anyone seen the Shell Oil aircraft carrier? Explain how oil companies start war. Or you can call it like it is and say that the demand for anything will cause war. I'll fight you if I want your lollipop bad enough.

    By the way, I did not agree with everything that GW did, but I can say for certain that I liked him more that our new president. This new fella is going to destroy us all. He has lots of fairy tales just like you. Cars will run on rainbow dust and unicorn pee. And we'll all live happily ever after in the magic kingdom. What a crock.
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  7. kistinie
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    kistinie Hybrid corsair

    Ok forget it !

    I do not care about free energy, nothing is free, but some choice cost much more than others.

    I really hope for your country that you will pass the summer without going to bankrupt as in this case we will have to pay with you.

    I will follow my way as i think i have found what i was looking for, with your help and more generally the help of the most virulent enemies !

    i have found the concept i was looking for
    Once finished i will give some news !

    Cheers and thanks for help !
  8. mydauphin
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    mydauphin Senior Member

    I hope your country doesn't get invaded and we have to liberate your butt... Twice.... I guess you need read history too.

    I think will should all ignore kistinie... Let the corrupt oil companies get him...
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  9. kistinie
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    kistinie Hybrid corsair

    You have liberated Europe with many others countries, i did not forgot it.
    And we paid a lot for this.

    About oil company ...They do not care about a single atom of me.
    And it is symmetrical.

    And about crisis it is mainly yours, you have exported to the rest of the world, so don't you think a more peaceful posture could be more adapted ?

    About banning a subject of her are late, English are gone, we are all free now :))

    To close the 3Kw subject :

    My decision is to have only one group doing all.
    propulsion and geny.

    Just one ICE 6 Kw
    One electric motor 5 Kw
    No starter motor, no alternator

    energy veg Oil when above 25°C + butane ...and hydrogen if test give acceptable results
    Solar panels + windmill
    Regen from EM when sailing

    And, if i can, i will add a compressor for diving equipment

    I will try to have it working for this winter to go to Gawda (strike island as you say ) !
    I will post the pic and details later
  10. mydauphin
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    mydauphin Senior Member

    A. You didn't pay anything for it. Not to us or Britain.
    B. Oil companies like any other business are there to make a profit. They invest their and their investors money to get a return on the investment... A PROFIT. They invest billions in looking for oil, billions for drilling, and more billions to transport it. If you look at cost the from a hole in the ground to refinery of about 50 cents a gallon is actually very good. Then refining takes energy and billion in equipment. Then it has be transport to the gas stations. All this to sell it for $3 a gallon. I wish I could buy milk for $3 a gallon and all that is needed there is a cow.
    C. Crisis, I have not Crisis, I owe no money to no one. Many people all over world got themselves into debt by buying junk or overpriced stuff. Now our government is being ruined by idiots that think a socialists country like France is in our future. But sooner or later they will realize that socialists countries reward dumb people, freeloader and not achievers. They don't get anywhere or achieve anything. They are bankrupt in the mind.
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  11. kistinie
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    kistinie Hybrid corsair

    Mudman is right about Global warming, it is an invention, we will only have less rain because of dust we generate.

    And i must say you are right about a thing : dumb people, freeloader and not achievers.
    This is a real problem here.
    80% of our young people dream to be employed by ...state.

    For the crisis, you will pay for the others, just like me. Just wait for October, you will see the real mess we are in

    Till this moment i have a lot of work to do !
    My house need work too ...500m² of roof to rebuilt !
    Good luck for your project !
  12. mudman
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    mudman Junior Member

    You forgot to mention 2 tons of batteries. Good luck with that.:D
  13. masalai
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    masalai masalai

    Oh no, no money left, steal one of those hybrid cars and take the battery pack for the trimaran, then I may just float to the gunnels???

  14. apex1

    apex1 Guest

    We should have done 2 month ago! And I said so, two month ago... he is not to cure.
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