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    I am interested possibly changing my trimaran daggerboard to only be 18" rather than 22" wide, and increasing the 38" in length somewhat to compensate for any lost area.

    The reason is, at 22" the dagger is stopped by the aka under the mast so it cannot fully retract which means the boat cannot careen.

    My understanding is the amount of daggerboard area needed varies with speed. It's more complicated than this I know, but assuming flat sea, from what I can understand few if any boats have enough surface area for the lightest possible winds making me consider adding another foot or so in length to use in the lightest air.

    The other consideration is, the angle of 45 degrees means that as the board is lowered, the position also is moving backwards. My concern here is that isn't this the opposite of what you want in lighter wind, or am I mistaken? Would a different angle be better?
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