Making a Boat mold???????

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by sportfishing, Mar 2, 2010.

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    Geez, sorry guys, I didn't look to see how OLD this was, never mind.

    Very good advice, but

    he doesn't have to move to the Outer Banks, there are half dozen sport fish boat builders from where he is in Palm Beach up to Stuart. He's mentioned Bahama and Venture, very nice outboard powered 34'+ boats. A little ways up the road are builders like Jim Smith, Garlington, Gamefisherman, American Custom, Bonadeo, Willis plus a couple I'm sure I'm forgetting.

    Yacht service experience and detailing is good experience, but working in and with molds and molded parts and then assembling them is something book learning can't give you.

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    I know the thread is real old but just thought if he saw the build photos on the jarret bay website it would make everything more clear to him.
  3. tunnels

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    just another dreamer !! still we need a few more !!

    Its seems so easy to make boats but its all the things between the dream stage and actually getting made and sitting in the water !!
    Its one hell of a lot of hard work and the mountains of problems to be over come each and every day !!! then to find at the end "thats not what i exspected it to look like" !!
    Enthusiasum is the biggest killer of dreams , and unless you been and done a few from dreams to paper to water projects it turns from a dream to a nightmare very easely and very quickly !!:eek:
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    Do you work at Jarret Bay? I went through the 46 photos. I'd work there for free if I could.

  5. cbdigh
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    No I don't work for them or affiliated with them in anyway, but it's just the only place I have seen that process step by step.
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