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    I am presently working for Bharati Shipyard Ltd as an Assistant Engineer for the last 2 years in the Mechanical Maintenance department. I am responsible for all the support equipments of The Bharati Shipyard(Goa). Below are my duties.

    • Responsible for the yard workshop.
    • Operation & Maintenance of 100T, 200T, 400T Hydraulic Jacks.(Orion)
    • Operation & Maintenance 5hp, 10hp & 15hp Hydraulic Power packs.(Orion)
    • Maintenance of 6m & 3m lathe.(Kirloskar)
    • Operation & Maintenance of 500T hydraulic Press.(Huge Smith)
    • Operation & Maintenance of plate rolling machine.
    • Operation & Maintenance of 13 roller plate straightening machine.(Grenen)
    • Operation & Maintenance of vacuum lifter.(custom made)
    • Operation & Maintenance of winches.(
    • Operation & Maintenance of Frame bending m/c (FACCIN)
    • Fabrication of vacuum boxes.
    • Maintenance of EOT cranes.
    • Fabrication and maintenance of vacuum and magnetic stiffeners.
    • Fabrication, installation, operation & Maintenance of ceramic welding station.
    • Fabrication, installation, operation & Maintenance of squaring station.
    • Operation & Maintenance of skid roller (Kings Engg)

    you give me any Machine.I ll GET THE WORK DONE!!!!!!!!!!

    contact me
    Laxmi Nilaya
    Thadambail, Surathkal.
    Mangalore, Karnataka.
    Phone: Res:(0824) 2478051
    Mobile: 09822982660
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