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Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by kim s, Sep 7, 2009.

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    kim s Junior Member

    Well th re-building of the old Lively 28/Sparkle carries on apace and I am thinking about the reinforcing the load carring areas ie the mainsheet track.

    I was looking at the Barton main track packeges. everything in 1 box. I have used them on a friends mono hull and although not as good as other on the market, I think they will be ok.
    My question for advice is----- On the spec,they rate them in boat size. up to 8.5 metrs and then 8.5 - 12 metres and 3rd option over 12 metres.
    Is the loading on a multihull maintrack Higher than a mono? As the boat is 8.5metres I am right on the cusp.
    YesI would like a Harken system, but as this is a cruising tri not a flat out racer, I cant justify the extra cost. BUT I am trying to not over engineer everything. type 1 ok or will I need the next size up type 2

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    Hi Kim,

    I'm not familiar with your particular boat, but as a general rule, most components of a multihull's rigging will be more highly stressed than their counterparts on a mono of comparable displacement. The mono, in a gust, will heel over, spilling some wind and reducing the loads; the multi will not.

    When there is any doubt whatsoever about the proper choice of hardware- for any application- I always prefer to err on the too-strong side. "Right on the cusp" usually means the next size up is the suitable one; the smaller version might work for a while, but with a vastly reduced service life and/or a greatly increased chance of catastrophic failure.
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    Richard Woods Woods Designs

    The MD of Barton sails a Prout 38 so knows multihulls.

    Having said that I would definitely not use the Type 1. Type 2 will be more suitable.

    Richard Woods of Woods Designs

  4. kim s
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    kim s Junior Member

    mainsheet track

    Thanks guys,

    Thinking logically about it, as she will not heel, then the loading must go up compared to the mono.
    so type 2 it is.

    Right thats that one sorted out.

    now where did I out that chandelry catalogue:D

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