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    This is a photo of the green mold that I have just pulled from the plug from hell. I gave a description of function, design and the planed build out under design thread if your interested. This is only my second plug to mold adventure.

    I finished the plug in 4 weeks ,then painted with Duratec high build vinalester primer with high gloss additive at 1 to 1. ratio. I was in the process of wet sanding the plug for finial polishing when the Lowes 1/8' plywood delaminated. I should have striped the skin and started over . It took 3 months to get something to work with. I went with about 35 mils build up of duratec when building the mold knowing there would be some sanding and correction to do.

    My first question is what is your process to get the mold in shape. I made sure any imperfections in the plug were divites so they would become high spots in the mold to be sanded flat and polished.

    The mold has sat on the plug 8 months.

    I got wet or dry 320 for a quick pass with my air file

    Should I just start with the wet da 400 600 work down to 5000.

    the finish in the mold has gloss but is not completly wrinkle free.

    The white stuff you see in the photo was fairing compound that came off the plug , a rag with a mixture of mek and acetone and fine steel wool made short work of it with no drama.

    I have drilled 3 holes for air or water ports to help with release,

    before i sand and polish the mold . I need to glue on some stiffners, the mold is about 5/8"thick.

    what is your prep for the mold, how do you lay out stiffners

    on most builds the top rail will not be used in the build. the up turned lip is going to be removed.

    IMG_1989.JPG IMG_1989.JPG IMG_1990.JPG
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