Magnum 53 Hybrid

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by John Kane, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. Jeremy Harris
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    Jeremy Harris Senior Member

    Yes, I know that, but this thread involves fitting a massively larger battery pack, several tens of times larger than the small Torqeedo packs. This will require a significantly bigger and more complex BMS, larger housings and if installed inside the boat, a proper fire suppression system capable of dealing with a lithium battery fire.
  2. John Kane
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    John Kane Junior Member

    Jeremy the torqeedo batteries are huge 350v, he was talking about the 80hp blue water torqeedo not the conventional ones you are thinking of.
  3. viking north
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    viking north VINLAND

    While I have gained alot of info. re, brands and "possibly" some new battery technology my electrical/electronic back ground training as it relates to "electrical energy" still sends up red flags on these types of projects. It's one thing to putter around with a couple of small battery packs in a 500lb. hull but that whole efficiency and operation economics heads down hill fast with added mass. My one and only experience with an electrically driven vessel was a 36ft. sailer built in South Africa with what was considered built with the best gear. Quiet yes but I wasn't impressed with the performance, which seems to follow the common theme here, I.E. calculate your energy needs and add 35 plus %. This of course would have resulted in poor economics when compared with a regular old boat engine. Possibly what i'm forgetting here is that "stealth" is an economic compensator thru increasing catch. With that in mind John I applaud your economic gamble with this quazi successful technology,my past family fishing history has well taught me "Fishing" has been nothing other than a Gamble. --:) Good Luck Geo.

  4. Jeremy Harris
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    Jeremy Harris Senior Member

    The battery linked to in that post is a fairly small, 2.65kWh, 26V one, hence my comment.

    The biggest battery they make is 13kWh, so still a fair bit smaller than the battery you're looking at using. They do have a system for connecting up to four of of these big batteries together, to give a total capacity of 52 kWh, with a total weight of 1,656 lbs.

    The usable capacity of that 4 battery Torqeedo set up should be just about OK for your requirement.
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