macro to import multiple IGES files into NAPA

Discussion in 'Software' started by JSI, Jun 14, 2022.

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    Hi All,

    I use NAPA for stability assessment of client vessels and I am frequently provided a GHS geometry file which I use to define the hull and tanks in NAPA. Import the geometry file into Rhino as mesh, convert all meshes to nurbs, and export each layer to an individual IGES file. This works pretty well and requires minimal effort in Rhino.

    Now, I'm searching for help in creating a macro in NAPA to retrieve all iges files from a folder, and bring in each one as a new surface, e.g.;

    FROM IGES TEMP/name.igs name_sur

    and then iterate for as many files are contained in the source folder. (The suffix _sur is just how I keep track of surfaces in NAPA before made into ROOMs)

    I am decent at writing my own individual run files in NAPA using normal commands, but I am not familiar with the syntax needed to read from source folder and to iterate the process. Would anybody have any ideas or samples to help?

    Thanks in advance!
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