Macif- out of multihulls!

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Doug Lord, Jun 12, 2020.

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    Heres the story: splitting up

    These 10 years of partnership under the colors of Macif have been rich in emotions. We have had great victories together in Figaro, in Imoca and then in Ultim. I understand and respect the choice of Macif. One page turns and another opens. I am fortunate with MerConcept, to have a great team by my side. We will put all our experience and our energy to build this new flying boat and remain actors of the evolution of the maritime world of tomorrow. My passion remains intact and I will do everything to find actors ready to accompany me in the extraordinary adventure of a crewed Round the World trip.” – François Gabart, Skipper MACIF 2010-2020
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    Some news about François Gabart, still steering the building of the new Ultim trimaran, no longer named MACIF but just "M101" in search of a new sponsor who could put 15 M€ on the table. Is there somewhere a company which can accept that challenge and want François to compete alongside Gitana 17, Sodebo 3 and the next Banque Populaire ?
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