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Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by mar68, Jul 2, 2008.

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    I'm going to look at 2 mac65s in the next week, one in Florida and one in Vancouver.
    I sailed on one in 95 when they stopped making them and man are they fast...the self tacking jib makes upwind tacking a breeze (sic) they point well and downwind they go like a train.
    Sure they aren't a Swan inside...but you're not paying Swan money..and to me it seems cheap for a boat that goes like these do.
    All boats have their bad fittings can be long as the hull and rig are sound, the mechanicals reliable and all the electrics working...good can you go wrong ?
    Regarding storage, much do you really need ?...I currently sail a fairly flat bottomed 1970's IOR racer converted to a cruiser and while you need a bit of imagination for storage, its never really been an issue.
    I see the Mac 65 as pretty similar to my boat ...except half again as long, and therfore porportionately faster.
    I'lllet you know what I find when I see 'em !
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    Thanks Albro
    Let me know what you find.
    I am going through the new boat list and its doing my head in.
    Every boat on my list has one ore more shorcomings. The Mac still ticks all the boxes and cost half as much.
    Current short list is - Dufour 485 & 525. Hanse 540e, Jeanneau Sun Odyessy 49i

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    mr curious gunkholer supreme

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    I am also looking at Macgregor 65's. Found a few but the good ones go quickly. The one in Vancouver has an offer on it. Is that you? It looks like a great boat especially for a 1990.

    Is the on in Florida Sea Ya II? It is one of the nicest one's on the market. Keep us posted of what you find out about the boats and good luck in your search.
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    mac 65

    Hi All,

    Went to see Sea Ya II today and was rather disappointed.
    She looks tired, the mainsail needs replacing, the standing rigging needs replacing, and I'd replace all the wire/rope halyards with Vectran, the wiring is interesting to say the least, the winches need maintenance, the boat needs a good clean inside and out and there's some odd things the owner has done inside that need smells damp...but there was a hell of a lot of rain here last night...and of course its stinking hot and humid here.

    I believe she is a solid boat and has no collision damage and the spars are fair, but.......for me, a fair amount of work to get her ocean ready.

    Shaque d'amouir in Vancouver has an offer on it...and it's not me !
    I'd like to see it for looks magnificent...

    Lets see what happens !
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    Hi - you have excellent taste - I guess ya gonna have learn not to crash & burn that GRP Mac 65 !! Sailed & owned both Mac65 & Hunter54 - both quick - 65 would get my Nickel, again. There is also one for sail in Pattaya, Thailand, which I sailed a year back. Let me know.
  7. albro
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    Hi All,
    The one in Pattaya is an extended 70 and too expensive for me.
    Chaque d'amour went for sea trial last Friday and haulout today...I haven't heard so I guess she's sold.
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    S&s39 Prestige Yachts

    HI ALL, am new here but was wondering if anyone has any info on S&S39s by pretige yachts and if all were built with offset shafts. have been searching every were but am not able to find any info on them. any help is greatly appreciated.
    I have been told the S&S 39 varied a lot with regard build specifications and that the later boats were lighter. I had a copy of some plans with layup details and mine was thinner in the laminate and balsa core. I had a stringer that cracked and a turning block pulled out of the coaming which didn't did give me much confidence. I have come to the conclusion that a lot of boat builders, particularly small ones cannot be trusted to adhere to construction specifications and If I was building from the start would definitely have a boat built to survey with core samples etc etc. Yes the S&S 39 is a very stiff boat hence the tendency to break gear in a blow.

    With regard a refit 100k should be heaps for a Mac 65. If you did the work yourself it would be much less. That's assuming the boat is reasonable to start with. I am sure the wiring on the vessel I had was standard.

    You took me by suprise regarding your potential boat choices as I had no idea what budget you were in. For the money you are talking about you have many choices. The Hanse and Dufour are quite different boats and much bigger in terms of actual boat than the Mac65. The interior on those will make the Mac 65 seem like a closet in terms of size. The quality of the internal fitout will also be in another dimension. If I had that sort of budget and had serious bluewater cruising in mind I would be looking at a Sundeer 60or 64 or a maybe a Deerfoot if you like high performance cruising. They are much more serious cruisers with a greater emphasis on safety, performance, storage etc etc.

    How many Mac 65s have you looked at?


  9. albro
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    Chaque d'amour is sold.....
  10. Stumble
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    I know they aren't in the same performance arena as the Mac 65, but haveing lived onboard a sailboat on and off for 10 years I have to recomend you take a look at the Irwin 54 or 68. Both very well built, and very comfortable, and really intended for long distance cruisers.

    The 54 is in about the same price point as the Mac 65, but because it carries so much interior room it will feel huge by comparison. Plus you get all the advantages of having a smaller vessel when paying by the foot for slippage.

    I do have to note that upwind performance is not particularly exciting, but on a reach they can really get up and move. We had ours routinly makeing 9+ knots in distance passages, and just waited for a change in the wind if it looked like we were headed upwind.
  11. albro
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    prices up

    the biggest issue today for us downunder is that the price of US Boats has gone up by more than 20% because of the fall in the value of the Australian dollar.
    Untill that changes I won't be looking at any more boats in the US !:(
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    Hi All
    just come across this thread, I know I am biased as i am selling mine but they are great cruising boats, very good motion in a sea way and at anchor and i cruised Fiji, reefs were not all where they are supposed to be but the macs are built strong.
    is for sale in australia
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    Excellent info

    Thank you for this thread , I have been scouring the internet for MacGregor 65 info , a lot of the opinions are from people that haven't a clue , like the guy that claims one split straight down the middle because it was layed up in in halves and glassed together. (I know this is BS , Ive seen video of a 65 hull being layed up)
    This thread confirms my opinion that this is the boat we want for the money we will have to spend.

    I will continue to search for info on this boat until we am ready to sell our house and go boat shopping.

    So far this is the boat for us,wife is on-board!

    Thank you
  14. Canyondr
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    I've sailed a Mac 65 from Vancouver to Turkey. I will be glad to answer any questions that you have. Vivace is a 94 and is for sale.

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    MacGregor 65 For Sale

    I recently picked up the search for a MacGregor 65, and I had no idea what I was in for.

    I'm not new to the industry, but I seldom run across a community built around a single model (brand and size)! Much less, one that is discussing and is knowledgeable about all 75 Mac65s ever built!

    In the last few hours, I must admit to having read the MacGregor story more than once, posting in more than one forum, and reaching out to several brokers all over the world to place feelers for future Mac65s that may be listed. What an interesting few hours! I should be in bed, but this stuff is fascinating.

    I wanted to add to the post an open call for any owner who reads this and has a Mac65 for sale to please reach out. No hassle and no commitment. I am working with a valued client who is serious about finding his right Mac65. If you're out there, please respond. Even if you find this post some time in the future, we might still be searching.

    And the search continues...
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