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    The ASNE Multi-Agency Craft Conference (MACC) will be at the U.S. Coast Guard Yard in Baltimore MD, June 8-9 2016.

    MACC is an annual get together for the various agencies that use small craft. Since about 1993 its been at Littlecreek VA, but this year it's in Baltimore:

    Abstract proposals for papers are due 8 April:
    Join us at the Multi-Agency Craft Conference (MACC) where you and your peers can explore the latest technology in small craft design, acquisition, and operations. With a new location at the U.S. Coast Guard Yard in Baltimore, you don't want to miss out on the exchange of operational and technical information on small boats and craft between government agencies and the maritime community!
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    • Invited Speakers:
    o RADM Bruce D. Baffer, USCG; Assistant Commandant for Engineering and Logistics and Chief Engineer
    o CAPT Douglas Schofield; Commander, Surface Forces Logistics Center at U.S. Coast Guard
    o CAPT Austin J. Gould, Commander of Coast Guard Sector Miami
    • Concurrent technical paper presentations on topics relating to the MACC theme "All About Boats"
    • Coastal Social
    • In-water boat demonstrations
    • 13,000 square foot tent with exhibits and demos

    For more information about MACC 2016, go to
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