M. Rosenblatt army trawlers

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    I am new to this group so bear with me, please! I am looking for plans to the army trawler designed by Rosenblatt in the early 60's. I believe it was labelled as a 65' vessel that was actually 71' in total. It had a 600hp diesel powering it. I can try with more details if needed but I would appreciate any help you can offer.

    ** I have been corrected...it is a TUG, not a trawler. Sorry.

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    65' Army Tug


    I realize that this thread is years old, but I just wanted to let you know that the 65' Army Tug (harbor) plans are available. I ordered a set at one time, on a film roll (microfische) but recently disposed of them. Sorry that I can't remember what office of the US gov't that I purchased them from (they were archived even though were half a century old in design) but I just want you to know that they do exist if you are still interested. Keep hunting.
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