M&M Ovenden splendid construction

Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by dskira, Jul 13, 2010.

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    Thanks for poking your head in here. Really your boat looks wonderful and is an inspiration.

    I even made a note to some of the others on here who have been in "other" threads to say.... "THIS, is how an amateur constructed steel boat should be done!"

    Take a lot of pride in your work, I am sure you will have wind in her sails soon enough!
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    Somebody certainly did their transverse frame calculations!
  3. dskira

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    What a beautiful picture of M&M yacht

    I hope Murielle and Mark will not take offence but I stole one picture of their boat that I find so poetic, its something to remember.


  4. apex1

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    what I find so impressive is their attempt to make it look like a old wooden boat. And more impressive, they have achieved it!

    Chapeau Murielle and Mark, Chapeau!

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    I have goose supervision, my ducks hate me

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  6. apex1

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    thats a sharp looking boat! Sharp pointed bow, warp drive, self launching.

    Looking forward to see the planking attached.:)
  7. wardd
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    and it picks up stones for it's own ballast and propulsion
  8. M&M Ovenden
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    Daniel, certainly no offense. That morning had indeed something special about it, I can remember it. To add to the poetic feel of the frost and fog my ducks started flying around looking like some giant white (clumsy) doves :D. I did feel good that day. Here's an other pic from that same morning, can sort of see the boat in the back.

    Richard, That is the most pleasing comment that one could make about this boat. In the list of criteria set for this project some technical aspects took the head of the list but as for aesthetics, having it look and feel like a wooden boat was no1 and the key challenge to have it done as smart as possible. Hopefully the final product will look as good as what its suggests in its current state. I believe the paint scheme and finish touches will need a special attention to reinforce the "wood boat look". Anyway, I'm enjoying the challenge of making apples out of oranges :).

    As for the state of the project, it has not been a great summer. To confirm a statement from Apex that "horses were more dangerous than boats" (other thread), a horse accident has temporarily brought the project to a halt. No I'm not hurt, it's my mother who had an accident; she is worth all the help I can provide and I have been spending most of my time with her. She had both her legs badly broken with repairs including enough metal to consider the orthopedic surgeon as fellow metal worker :) . This is one thing I have had to come to accept over the past year, that a long term project does not put life's course aside.
    It has been a long couple month but I'm now slowly getting back to the boat, hopefully I'll soon have some progress to share. It's always a great boost to get nice feedback. Thanks to all.


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    How did I missed this thread when it was started :confused:


    I envy you....what a grand project. I only wish you well with it and fair winds.
  10. peter radclyffe
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    Yeah, well done
  11. welder/fitter
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    There are some very cool ways to create a wood-like appearance with paints and it'll be interesting to see how you accomplish it and the results. I found much info. on the subject on various classic car forums, when I was restoring a 1950 Dodge Coronet w/"woodgrain" steel dashboard.

    Sorry to read of your mother's accident, Murielle, it sounds as though she was very lucky, compared to what the result could have been. Now, if you can arrange a horizontal cradle on your A-frame, you can hang her above the deck and push her along as she paints it! :D (kidding, of course!)
    Best of luck to your Mom!

  12. apex1

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    but donĀ“t make it look like wood. Just the paint scheme and the colours used are a major point.

    We once painted a old tug with wooden wheelhouse in Green / hull, Beige / superstructure, and some red for contrasting lines.
    used RAL 6002, grass green
    RAL 3004, purple
    RAL 1014, ivory

    it happened on several occasions that people asked if the vessel was wooden.
    We realized after a while that these harmonic colours have been in sharp contrast to the usual black and white scheme, misleading the human brain.

  13. M&M Ovenden
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    It's been a long time, but I thought I'd update our progress / web site link for those old members that have been very helpful over the years. It's really all starting to come together now.
    Building PepeBerrou http://boatmutts.ca/

  14. Brian@BNE
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    Thanks for updating this thread Mark!

    How time flies! The post before was from Richard in 2010, and that seems like a lifetime ago. I have missed Richard and some others on here, and don't visit often these days. But it was great to see that you and Murielle are still working away on your boat, despite all the other things going on in your lives. I am really looking forward to you posting about the launch!

    Way back when you started this thread I was planning on having a hull built, and then fitting out myself. But in 2012 I simply bought an old boat and then had it refitted. It was partly about time, and partly money. Back then was a buyers market, and the AUD was very strong against the USD so it was a great opportunity. I was very close to buying a Fisher 44 motorsailer, but ended up with a 1981 Ocean Alexander Mk 1. Its a Taiwan built coastal cruiser powerboat. Doing some of the refit work myself, but most done in a yard. I now have 1300 hours on the new motors and am really enjoying it.

  15. M&M Ovenden
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    Hi Brian,

    It was Daniel that started this thread, years and years ago :) I was wondering if he was still around, along with Wynand, Richard, Mike , et al. I'm still lurking here, but it seems there isn't much activity on the build side of things.

    Glad you have a boat and things are going well !

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