Lyman lapstrake repair

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by Jumba, Jun 18, 2022.

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    To save others from having to scroll up to find this photo, here is a copy - I must admit that I didn't see that area of rot initially, not until it was specifically mentioned.

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    It's a nice boat, but it has some problems. The foredeck hole can be done with a patch, but it's probably simpler to replace the whole half instead of trying to blend in the repair. The transom area is more worrying, somebody smeared plenty of goo there, wich means the planking doesn't seal on the transom anymore. No way to tell what's there until you remove all the paint, but it won't be a simple fix.
    The woodenboat forum will have more opinions for you, so I advise you head there.
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    Terms are important.

    Cavitation is a prop issue, creating bubbles from various causes.

    Ventilation is caused from air being pulled down from the surface, which is what happens when the motor is mounted too high.
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    Actually, I zoomed in on the transom. The boat doesn't really need to go in the water. You need to pull the motor off and remove the paint from the transom and find out if it has any rot.

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    Beautiful boat. Cavitation is caused by a propeller being overloaded. The plate on the outboard is to prevent ventilation; a totally different problem. If the outboard is too high, the low pressure created by the propeller will suck air from the surface. It creates a whirlpool. A propeller turning on air does not generate thrust.
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