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    It is a pity, six weeks ago I asked Lugger for a quotation and time of delivery for their 6170A Diesel and got this:

    Dear Mr. R........,
    please apologize for any delay in responding you, as far what I can see this is your first request which come to my attention.

    As today we do have serious problem to meet our requirements as all our older models aren't in compliance with the new emission rules.

    These engine will be replaced with a new model with a common rail fuel system but they availability is not known.

    For now we do have the first model 11 liters called M 6125 which may meet your requirement. This engine should be available next next summer.

    I will follow up with some details asap

    Thank you for your kind interest.

    Mediterranean - Middle East Factory Representative
    Massimo Mastrorosato: Via Gacci 4/6 - 59021 VAIANO - PO - ITALY
    Tel. + 39 0574 985347 Fax + 39 0574 985286

    I loved this beefy 23Ltr. set at 550hp @ 1500rpm, as the fishermen in Alaska did, for his incredible torque and reliability.
    It was designated to propel via CPP a 90´ long range "Passagemaker" to be built this year in Turkey.
    :?: How to substitute such Engine :?:
    Is the CAT C18 the only option, or have I missed some???
    Anyone out here with a valuable idea?
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    Tad Boat Designer

    Commercial (continuous) rating on the MTU S60 is 475HP @ 1800

    The Cummins KTA19 is one hell of engine, 500 HP @1800 continuous.

    Mitsubishi S6R puts out 590HP @ 1600 continious, again a popular commercially used engine.

    Personally I'd go with the Cummins, but much depends on specifically who the dealer/supplier is.
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    Alaska diesel used mainly engines from Japan on their bigger MAINS , AND also on smaller like gensets where often jap engines were used
    you can see Jap engines have lagged well behind Euro and Usa Engines as far as emissions go, that evident on the roads as you can see it in their trucks, smoking along
    Alaska diesel is a very small company(used to buy direct) at one time off them I guess they went for cheap, although they have had a good rep for reliabilty
    the Cummins Eng Co produces fish boat and work boat engines and gives backup like no other, they have such engines and have had for years and years The engines you talk of where just cheap, I guess thats why they were attractive, there was nothing unique about them at all
    Just google Cummins, they have the pleasure boat site and the commercial site
    I do know that Cummins are the leaders in mining here and some engines which ran 20000 hours in filthy quarry conditions were still not needing rebuilds
    perhaps they are the most rebuildable engine out there,
    it suprised me when I went to rebuild the engine in a large KOMATZU dozer, the engine was the 855 Cummins(855 cu Inch) the same block that has been the backbone of road transport all over the world in leading truck brands After 10000 hrs I just changed the bearings in place, they did not really need changing
    Sorry tad did not see you post
    yes the K19 is a top engine, in 1972 I used to Work for Cummins field service, was top then too!!!
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    The joke behind that:...........................
    the 6170 Lugger IS a KOMATSU block !!!:idea: ... was....actually
  5. Guest62110524

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    yes this is what i meant, but oh God those Komatzus they had cast iron pistons!!!
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    Thank you TAD..........
    I love our German brands like MAN, MTU and even DEUTZ in some cases. And without any doubt in high speed applications MTU or MAN are first names.

    But I am an old dog and like the old fashioned beefy (displacement, or better more displacement), high torque, low rev. go anywhere Monsters.
    On my second newbuilt in 1989 I had twin KTA 19 on my spec. sheet but Arie van Vulpen of "Lowland Yachts" told me that was his least choice, he put me CAT´s in. I still bear this in mind and never had a Cummins. Next try:?:
    The Mitsubishi seems to be a beast of an engine and I know about their good reputation in commercial service. I´ll have a look.

    I really agree with environmental friendly regulations, as I do with electronic Motormanagement to reduce emissions. But......
    I have seen two of the ECM fail in my own Diesel cars, one Lancia one Mercedes (that happens yes).
    If I need a Play Station I´ll get me a Sony! My propulsion has to be as simple as possible.......period

    Recently, during a boat show, a CAT sales Rep. pointed out, that the ECM on his C18 are sealed to operate at a depth of 60´. I asked him if they did the test on a running engine:p and if it is possible to use the unit in a watertight engineroom as well. ....he loved me ....
    My statement that I would be as fine with 6´than 60´ if he could assure me that the ECM is vibration proof did´nt impress him I guess.
    But that is the point !!! These pumped up dish washer control units become destroyed by vibration. It happens every day a thousand times on our roads.
    So which sort of mumbo - jumbo is employed when it comes to marine use?
    IMHO it is MARKETING that they add, nothing else, the same stuff as on highway.
    Or am I wrong?
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    What´s wrong with them? (in low revvving engines) their thermal behaviour is less tricky than alum.:?:
  8. Guest62110524

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    the expansion of alloy is well knowm for instance it reaches max exp in less than boiling water, I know cos when you slip your gudgeoon pins in, you do it in hot water
    Look there is nothing wrong with cast iron pistons, but times moved on eons ago I agree abt the engine controls, the central processors and all that, BUT Cummins were the first and goodness they have always been way in front as far as emissions go i would not drive an american car, they are junk(thats why the industry failed) I prefer German or Euro, but they do make a very good diesel
    where are you? do you have msn or yahoo messenger?
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    Did´nt know anything about Cummins and still know nothing. Just Arie "Lowland" feared them and he was amongst the most famous names in yachtbuilding in the world. "pocket megayachts" the market named the "Lowlands"
    The Americans build cars ? ? ? :confused:
    I am in Istanbul actually, doing some business to keep the stove running. Building some yachts besides that. Know a few very experienced, still inexpensive boatbuilders around here. Some are my friends.
    Don´t have msn or such tool but I have a sort of mess.......anger at my office, the staff is playing with that sh..t all day long. Kid´s

    BTW whoosh.........
    just 5 minutes ago I got a quotation for CAT C18´s 61.000€ ! Bobtail ... So what was cheap at Luggers?
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    was down in Tr looking to start, but a young navel arch there told me, you can t trust us turks!! and sure enough I found , one moment they would tell you, 110, next day"oh we said 210" and so on so I gave up send pm with tel number will call you
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    He was terribly right your young Turk!:p
    But I am in a bit happy position to have some serious influence in this country and I get what I asked for, and right in time!
    And if you find real friends amongst them, they do right and do it with pride. Besides of that there are really experienced shipwrights and boatbuilders here.
    On top of that, I get the boats built and equipped to really highest standards including GL classification for about US$ 15 per lb !!!
    You naturally know that "Maltese Falcon" was completely built here in Tuzla / Istanbul !?
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    Tad Boat Designer

    20+ years of living with all three....GM, Cat, and Cummins on towboats. That's wide open all day and all night. First choice was always Jimmies, they run forever no worries, and the power was there right now!...but lots of noise, oil everywhere, and they gobbled the fuel. Cummins is quieter, cleaner, just as reliable, and stingy with the fuel. Cat is for those with money to throw many failures as successes. Some great engines, 343 for instance, but also some real problem children. Just my experience, YMMV.
  13. apex1

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    Gawdelpus.............GM? I had a pair of them (was 6v71? or so?) edit: no they had 8 pots so read 8v71 instead - in a 53´Hatteras between 74 to 80, that was a real mess in the engine room. Cannot compare consumption nor noise, have seen the same engines in a Baglietto was much less noisy, but the Italian was wooden! Through the early seventies guzzling was not the issue Diesel was about 0,16 DM the Liter.
    I´ll have a look at the Cummins and Mitsubishi:)
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    in my time with Cummins, that was just before I tookl up boatbuilding , we had a V903 on the chassis dyno and a 8v71, abt same rating, the 903(14plus l, used half the fuel of the detroits lugged right back to 30mph the 903 was an ok engine in boats, we used to detune for mines, emissions regs finally knocked that one out of production, they were not much cop with jakes either, camshaft issuesFunny how Cummins stuck with bored inh block for small engines up to 6l, but the 3.9 and 5.9 have given excellent service in mains and genset capacity, nice to talk engines
    for my smaller boats I choose jd, very proven also wet liners

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    Its little brother, the DT series, is also a really good mill. We use those on iland river harbor and fleeting tugs and never ever ever have a lick of trouble with them. Regular oil and filter changes is all they ever need.
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