luan roof help i hate luan

Discussion in 'Wooden Boat Building and Restoration' started by Jeff Weems, Nov 5, 2018.

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    This is a step in the direction of getting to my sailboat to live full-time I purchased a motorhome that has a real bad roof it's already completely torn off and ready to put back together I dread the thought of putting Luan back up there I read some of Fast Fred's post's very interested in his opinions I understand this is not in RV forum I have no passion for this RV I just want the roof. To leak while I'm on my quest to go to Florida to live on my boat
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    Welcome to the group.

    Congrats on making the floating move.

    What are Fast Fred's opinions on your rv? More importantly, what are yours?
  3. kapnD
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    Use your material of choice, nothing dictates that it must be replaced in kind!

  4. messabout
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    There is Luan ply and there is other Luan ply. If the ply has been made with waterproof adhesive it is a satisfactory material for applications other than bathroom doors. Luan is not the most durable of woods but it is no more rot prone than so many other types that you may encounter.

    If you are forced to use Luan or any other questionable ply, then do a boil test. Cut a few small pieces of the test ply and toss them into boiling water for thirty minutes or more. Remove the parts when the water has cooled and let them dry for a day or two. If you see evidence of de not use that particular batch of ply. If no serious lamination then it is reasonable to use the ply as a roof membrane.
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