Low Water Pick-up and Jackplates, worth while?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by LinedTheBlind, Jan 17, 2007.

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    I'd like to get some feedback from anyone who is knowledgable about transom-mounted water pick-ups (or low water pick-ups) which, in conjuction with a jack plate, allow you to raise an outboard up higher to run in shallow water. I've got just a small 20hp outboard.

    How far (inches) can the motor typically be raised up with a transom mounted pick-up? How much clearance would i gain by adding the pick-up?

    I have a small boat and won't be adding a hydraulic jack plate, but could add small manula plate. Can I run at top speed with the motor permanently set at a shallow water hight?

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    :) I just added a hyd. jackplate. Got it from this site
    They have good tech support, ask them. They offer both types. Trnsom & lower unit.
    You will need a water pressure guage for sure.
    I choise not to use a pick up (yet anyway) be cause I will just use mine to lift over things here in the swamp. I won't be extended running. I asked the same question as you have. Maybe someone will answer us both.
    Set your lowest height so the cav plate of the motor is 1/2" above the boat hull bottom. Most plates lift 6""
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