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Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by SteveW, Mar 8, 2008.

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  1. david@boatsmith
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    david@boatsmith Senior Member

    What's up with Creed's boat and Warrens boat?? David
  2. fullcave
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    fullcave Junior Member

    Sorry but what sort of maintenance are you referring to with regards to an abandoned fiberglass cat? :))
  3. RB PowerSailing
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    RB PowerSailing Senior Member

    Tiki 38

    Hello David ,

    i can tell you that the Tiki 38 n 109 left Pattaya-Ocean Marina yesterday at 11 am and sailed overnight to Ko Chang . Arrived today at noon , about .

    Overnight about 1 mt of wave max . Yesterday morning no wind at all but just midday had a few knots , enough for this boat to perform .

    with 7-8 knts of wind , the crew read 6-7 knts on the GPS .


  4. E3Nomad
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    E3Nomad Ellie the Nomad

    Tiki 38

    People have asked about Creed's Tiki 38, and RB would have us believe that everything is just fine. I'm not able to provide the "evidence" some of you require, but I've known Creed a very long time and consider him patient, reasonable and above all, honest. He sent this earlier today:


    I've had several emails asking about the launch of my Tiki 38 in

    Well, it was launched – following a long, 18-month build – but in the
    end, the vessel was not up to scratch. Substantial amounts of
    inventory were either not fitted or not of the brand/standard
    specified. There were also significant questions about the integrity
    of the steering, the rig and other elements that were not built to
    spec' and the overall finish was very poor – even compared to many
    home-built Tiki 38s.

    Clearly, the supervision and care that was was apparent in the initial
    stages of the build – then entrusted to the yard when I visited them
    again in late 2007 – had deteriorated.

    I'm not the only one to think so. Shortly after my vessel was
    launched, Warren Matthews, who commissioned the build of another Tiki
    38 at the yard, stopped his build, collected the unfinished hulls and
    deck and shipped them back to New Zealand for completion by the highly
    respected David Norris yard. Warren is likely to document his issues
    with RB Power And Sailing on his own blog.

    I have refused to accept delivery of the vessel. I have also refused
    to pay more than $16,000 dollars in unspecified and unagreed to
    overages – on top of $8,500 in overages I paid last year – which
    represent well over 15% of the total build price. I have refused to
    waive the warranties agreed to by the builder in his contract –
    indeed, he now seeks indemnities against any future problems with the

    Yes, I am likely to lose the $135,000 plus substantial travel expenses
    I have already invested in the vessel. However, if I accept delivery,
    I would have to pay more than 50% of this amount to have it released
    from the yard and to rebuild/refit – and that's if I could find a yard
    in the region that could be trusted to undertake it.

    I have returned to Australia to put some distance between myself and
    this mess, which is now in the hands of the Bangkok office of a very
    reputable and aggressive firm of litigators. Right now, the money is
    not as pressing as my health – but clearly this situation is
    enormously disappointing (to say the very least).

    Thanks for all your notes of interest and support. I'd appreciate it
    if you would warn (in any way you can) your friends and fellow-sailors
    against considering a build ar the RB Power And Sailing yard – or,
    indeed, any yard that is not right on a would-be owner's doorstep. The
    risks aren't worth it.

    Warmest regards,

  5. E3Nomad
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    E3Nomad Ellie the Nomad

  6. Alik
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    Alik Senior Member

    This is not true. I have seen the boat before launching and overall finish was very good especially compared with home-built boats. Yard put a lot of attention on this boat, despite numerous changes made by customer during construction.

    I am not surprised that builder had to charge extras for those changes, RB is not charity shop.
  7. RB PowerSailing
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    RB PowerSailing Senior Member

    Tiki 38

    Dear All ,

    a long letter from Mr. Creed O'Hanlon ,

    but can be resumed in few words : he don't have money to pay the balance .

    he ordered 62 modifications in written , for a total amount of over 35,000 US$ that we offered to discount to 16,000 US$ . Anyway he could not pay even the balance as stated in the contract .

    Mr. Creed accepted the boat in written and even went ot Ocean Marina to book for a place , obviously with many witnesses ..

    the modifications were ordered and required in written , often based on his emails and designs .

    He stated many times that this is the best Tiki 38 of the world , as confirmed by who have seen the boat . Anyway the boat is in Salaphet Marina in Ko Chang and everybody is welcome to have a look .

    Evidences are available , please inquire .

    Mr. Creed found some clients based on his blog and offered himself to be Marketing Manager for RB ( he is looking for a salary of course ) - all this in written , once again, well proven - and offered his boat to be our floating permanent promotion and so on . All with the target to avoid paying the balance .

    This is why we asked him to close the blog : we did not know that we were paying a commission for every customer !

    Obviously the story will end up in the most natural way . Following the contract .

    About the warranty , in case he will pay and take the delivery , we will apply the warranty that is described in the contract that the Parties signed at that time .

    I read things on this post from Creed , are unreal ..... problems in the rig and steering ..... which problems ? he did not even tested the boat :(

    The steering has been designed by Creed with all the details and is working perfectly . About the rig , just sailed to Ko Chang .... anyway is just as designed by James Warram ...

    From the bullshits that he wrote , it seems that he had never seen the boat ! But he was here at the yard every day and he went ot buy th fenders for the next day launching as he wrote on the blog ... so now he discovered the problems ,

    by amazing chance , just after the issue of the invoice!!!:p

    :D Creed ..... comm'on ...

  8. RB PowerSailing
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    RB PowerSailing Senior Member

    an email from Mr. Creed

    Dear All

    here below an interesting email from Mr. Creed O'Hanlon ; amazing how things change when come the time to pay ...

    From Creed's mouth and emails , till 3 days before launching : " this is the best Wharram cat ever built , i absolutely love it ! "


    Just wanted you all to know that, having examined in detail the many
    photos that Hazel took yesterday, I am very very very pleased with the
    workmanship and the sheer sense of quality that the interior and
    exterior of the boat exudes. She really is very impressive. Hazel
    expressed her personal pleasure with the joinery work – great
    finishing, seaming etc. – and the sense of volume and comfort that has
    been accomplished inside the two very narrow hulls.

    It's been a long road but I think Chris has cause to be very very
    proud of his team and its accomplishments on the boat. Thanks, both of
    you, and please transmit my thanks to the Thai crew as well!

    Warm regards,


    Another data : i received from Mr. Creed O'Hanlon , 1511 emails , during the year 2008-and january 2009 .

    Mr. Chris and Mr. Allan , employed by RB , received another thousand ; then we have some 600 telephone calls/sms ( i asked TT&T the exact number , please be patient ) . Yes , the number is correct, six hundred ...

    And the last day , just after he received the final invoice , amazingly , the boat results poorly built and his lawyer informed us that Mr. Creed did not know about the sea trials ...

    He did not know about the sea trials ..... but he went ot book Ocean Marina himself ...

    This Tiki 38 is so good and nice that will stay on the market for minutes ..

    Best Regards

  9. RB PowerSailing
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    RB PowerSailing Senior Member

    an indipendent opinion about Tiki 38 of Mr. Creed

    From Mr. Nigel , owner of a Pahi 52 located in Pattaya Thailand :

    This is my opinion,

    The Wharram Tiki 38 that I have observed being built by ***** for Creed O.Hanlon is built with a western red ceder light contruction being edege glued in a well accepted method of hull constuction. She is beutifully finished in what I believe to be either poly grip or more likely epoxy finished glass and very well finished at that. I have not had the opportuinity of sailing on the boat buit I belive she is well found and well constructed and I would be willing to sail this boat in difficult circumstances in adverse conditions.

    I have not inspected this boat since her launch.


  10. robert self
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    robert self Junior Member

    case of the departing Tiki 38

    Sequence of events:

    1/11/2009 Creed O'Hanlon posts a complaint about "persistent structural weakness" days before ***** launches his Tiki 38 catamarran (see attachment).

    1/11/2009 Creed O'Hanlon's blogsite (http://tiki38.blogspot.com/) goes dark (login only) days before his cat is to be launched.

    1/2009 O'Hanlon's Tiki 38 launched.

    1/30/2009 The unfinished hulls of Warren's Tiki 38 (http://warmat.squarespace.com/) are removed from ***** **********'s south Pattaya boatyard and shipped to New Zealand (see attachment).

    O'Hanlon and Warren were friends. O'Hanlon recommended the RB yard to Warren. O'Hanlon's blog mentioned the "other Tiki 38" many times.

    In my opinion, when I connect the dots, I see fear. Fear that the promised value of building at the RB boatyard is a myth. The bubble popped by whatever happened prior to O'Hanlon's launch of his Tiki 38 ("structural weakness").

    Warren paid dearly to correct the mistake of contracting with RB. He paid ***** to break the contract. He paid for the containers and the shipping from Thailand to New Zealand. He will pay the higher wage of New Zealand workers. All this to get away from ***** **********. Hasta la vista, *****. Bye, bye, *****. See you later, *****. May the worms be with you, *****.

    The mystery of the disappearing 2nd Tiki 38, on such short notice, from the RB yard awaits a positive recommendation from Warren. Or, follow the advice of any trader, "sell now, ask questions later". This appears to be what Warren has done.

    If you, the reader, are contemplating entering into an agreement with RB, where hundreds of thousands of dollars are involved, you might want to find out why Warren is bolting from the RB yard.


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  11. robert self
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    robert self Junior Member

    *****, doesn't anybody love you?

    The problem with Mr. Nigel, Mr. Nazarov, and Mr. Andaman's boatyard is that they are all cronies of Mr. **********. To varying degrees they depend on him for income. Their opinions are tainted by $$.

    Where are the positive recommendations? Where are the past clients who will praise the RB yard? Where are the testimonials on the RB website with email addresses so we can check reliability? Where is the praise from Belgium dude who owns the T60? *****, don't you have at least one past client who likes you?

    The purpose of this thread is a public service. The thread exposes the egregious business practices of Mr. **********. The man is so angry he is beginning to use foul language believing that this is the way to win new clients. The way to win new clients is to clean up your act or get out of the business of boatbuilding. Your only accomplishment will be to tarnish the reputation of all Pattaya boatbuilders.
  12. propshaft
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    propshaft Junior Member

    robert, looking for love in thailand? if so go to the bar, not to the boatyard
  13. RB PowerSailing
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    RB PowerSailing Senior Member

    reply to Mr. Self

    Mr. Self

    Mr. Nigel don't have any economical involvement with this yard ;

    Mr. Nazarov is a very successful architect with many customers ; we are just a customer as many others .

    Mr. Anadaman ... this is another boatyard .

    RB is not damaging the reputation of Pattaya builders : boating businness is booming in Thailand and in Pattaya ; anonymous posts without any serious data reported , will not affect our business , so keep cool ;)

    I use to answer in an informal way to these posts , as this is all a farse that don't deserve much attention .

    Mr. Robert Self , why you don't answer to the post relating YOUR CASE ?

    I am not angry and looking for customers ; i know exactly why we delivered an uncomplete boat to Mr. Warren ; this has a lot to see with a contract for 2 large helicopter carriers that we will build in our new location , in Tepnakorn Marina , Bangpakong River .

    Old happy customers ? must have a few ; a thai gentlemen is building with us his 6 th boat ...

    Who loves ***** ********** ?

    Is it your businness ?

    Frankly talking , i am happy with the love of my wife and my babies , my dad and brother . Then i enjoy the friendship of few , selected , persons .

    About your love , i believe i can survive without :p

    :D :D :D

  14. Sir,
    A****** Boatyard or, as You wrote with your "pidgeon English", Mr. A******, isn't a crony of Mr. ********** and less than this luckily doesn't depend to anybody for his income. ******* Boatyard opinion isn't tainted by $$ but I can say that is very careful to choose his projects and customers from the “jungle” of boat dreamers (like you) that write every day from the web.
    As you can remember we denied agreeing to build a boat for You as well for Mr. Creed (see attached emails). Probably all readers of this forum can find now a valuable reason on that.
    By the way I meet Mr. Creed recently during a dinner and I found that he was actually very happy about his nearly completed boat but tried in anyway to delay the delivery with unusual modifications. After that I was even happier that A****** Boatyard refused in the past to build a boat to him (and to You)!!!
    After he disappeared I sent to him the attached email asking what’s happened about his project. I didn't get any answer about and frankly I cannot see in this forum that he posts himself, even seems to me that he loves a lot to write....

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  15. To Mr. Self:
    NOTE, in pidgeon Italian: Ricordati quando commenti l'acque d'allegar prima la sperienza e poi la ragione.(LEONARDO DA VINCI). 'gniurant!!! (Luigi Innamorati)
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