Low maintenance design considerations

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    Hi All,

    I am in the process of designing a 30-ish foot long aluminium runabout.

    i have done a search and couldn't find much.

    One thing i am always conscious of is keeping the maintenance to an absolute minimum. when i go home after a weekend out i just want to blast the boat with some fresh water(preferably deionized) and walk away.

    i have worked on lots of boats so i know a few things that can be a pain in the but, but I don't have a world of experience trying to foresee these things.

    also if something brakes or gets damaged small things can become a massive job if things weren't made to be removable or disassembled.

    does anyone want to throw in their 2 cents worth in regards to what i should consider when designing/building a new boat?

    one thing that drives me up the wall is poorly placed scuppers, ie they are up hill. or no scuppers at all.

    another thing is bolts/screws that aren't easily accessible.

    any body else have some pet hates that I can learn from?

    any products (chemicals/coatings/etc) that people can recommend to reduce maintenance would be great to.

    Thanks for any advice

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