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Discussion in 'Education' started by Tom Atkins, Nov 16, 2004.

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    Tom Atkins New Member

    I am a sophomore at the University of Florida currently studying Mechanical Engineering but I am very interested in Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture. UF doesnt have either program. What major and courses should I be taking that is related enough should I transfer to another program or do a graduate program?
  2. jehardiman
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    First, really decide what you are interested in:

    Ship's Machinery
    Boats & Motors
    Offshore Structures & Oilpatch
    Nearshore Structures
    AUVs & UUVs
    Diving & Saturation
    General button sorting Oceanography and related Sciences
    At Sea Support Crew/Professional Mariner

    The paths and schools to each are slighty different and you'll need to postion yourself, make contacts, and get the tools to enter into each. Remember that in some fields the engineer will always just be the "techie" no matter how many cool little toys you think up unless you put the alphabet behind your name ;) .
  3. dereksireci
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    FIT and FAU

    Florida Institute of Technology (Private) in Melbourne and Florida Atlantic University (State University) in Boca Raton both have excellent Ocean Engineering programs. Talk to someone there.
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