looking to build aluminum cat need help?

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by korvello, Dec 19, 2006.

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    Silkline upgrades Mark 2 version

    Hello Korvello,

    Forget to add we are moving to a mark 2 version from cat 5 onwards. Many improvments including radiused hull to deck and other.


  2. Bob Mott
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    Hello Dave,

    Our Silkline 510 cats 50 foot 6 inches come in at 8750KG roughly with a coastal payload of gear aboard. They are lighter than any production tupperware cat but heavier than composite and they are faster than most cats on the water. We raced a older version at this years Kings Cup regatta Thailand. In our division was a Chicogan 52 composite cat that was supposed to weight 12,000 + kg so much for light cats - our cat was alloy - see Chameleon on www.far-away.net and weighed 8,000. She is a charter cat up here. 5 line honour wins and never beaten by the " composite cat even though the composite cats sails we much bigger and it was very light conditions. The weigth issue isnt a issue any more. Our cats are light and fast and go to windward very well and tack like monos.

    And they are much tougher than a Schionnings composite cat. cant say alot about the Fusion which are also made here in Thailand under contract to a Thailand company.

    We sell CAD kits as well for the 510.

    Over and out


  3. Bob Mott
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    Hold on Korvello,

    I along with my partner have 25 plus years experience in the marine industry with many sea miles on our cats and others and monos - Sydney to Hobart races, deliveries from Florida to Australia - Thailand -Gibraltar - many trips Australia to Thailand and more plus lots of building experience in composite, strip plank, ply - and now alloy for some years. We have just project managed a 52 foot Schionnings Alaskan Power cat build in Thailand the first of this design to be built. Have 5 Alloy Silklines at various stages.
    We can provide a alloy kit and back up so you end up with a decent cat.

    Appart from all the structural requirements it is a sailing cat and needs to sail well and go to windward well. Dont build a brick!!!

    All our alloy is certified and comes from reputable supliers mainly Australian and French mills. All the equipement used is top quality such as Yanmar, Allyacht Spars Australia, UK Halsey Sails Australia, Anderson stainless steel winches, moonlight / Lewmar / Gebo hatches, Navman electronics, Hydrive steering Australia, Aquapro RIBs.

    All our welders are certified and we are soon to go CE standards. Even now we are just short on Lloyds SSV3 standards. Our plans are Naval Architect checked by British Naval Architects.


  4. Bob Mott
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    Silkline Catamaran

    Hello Dave,

    Forgot to add ours are 15.4 metres not 15M. We are trimming a little of the aft so they fit under 50 foot for Panama prices which have a huge leap in cost over 50 foot. Plus we are looking at international marina charges and working designs to fit.

    I bet your Simpson never designer never thought of that.

    On the massage issue - come to Thailand they give good massages. We at Silkline are not very good at massage.

    We are not blinker visioned either and have just finished a 52 foot Schionnings Alaskan power cat project the first to be built of the design.

    Yet we are pro alloy ahead of other materials. There is a place for every personal choice in materials whether all are correct in their choice is another matter.



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    hi ,new to this forum,
    but JUST had to comment on this topic !!

    I owned the Slipstream in the photo from 1995 until 2000 and can tell you the Roger Simpson 17 year old design is absoulutly NOTING like the new Silkline 510 as I am also a co-designer and builder of the 510 catamaran.
    I welcome any questions re comparisons !!
    re the discussion ALLOY/COMPOSITE
    I have built both and the previous guy was correct in stating that alloy is at a weight disadvantage below 47 ft ,however this very much depends on design of hull and thickness of plate used ,
    as for using 5 mm plate on a 15 mtr cat ,this is way above Lloyds SSV3 specifications and that also depends on the frame/bulkhead spacing ,
    there are french catamaran builders doing this in 6mm rolled with virtually no frames ,PERSONALLY I dont like this method and prefer to have a frame spacing of no less than 1000mm.
    I have also built and sailed a Schioning Waterline 1480 for 5 years and also just completed the building of an Schioning Alaskan 52 power cat here in Thailand that is being fitted out now,both of these cats where in balsa core as was the Slipstream IN THE PHOTO,
    After owning and building numerous composite balsa and cedar cats I must admit I am definatly a confirmed ALLOY FAN FOR CATS OF 47 FT AND ABOVE.
    There are numerous reasons however the biggest advantage above 50ft is in fact the weight ,
    sure you can build a 50 ft composite cat approximatly 10 to 15% lighter but just look at the cost !! and then check the structual status of the craft after 5 years of use !!
    I HAVE !!

    no comparison!!

    however this is only my opinion and from my experience I believe I have had enough exposure to both materials in this topic and therefore can comment.

    happy sailing
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    This is strange what a coincidence...I am in contact with schionning thinking of buying 3 Alaskan 52 and was thinking of going to thailand in next couple of weeks to see the boat being built at Serenity...I was wondering if you had a PM or a phone number so I could contact you..I have so many questions to ask....and a serious decision to make soon..are you with schionning or are you building on behalf of the owner? you can email me at rudabb@gmail.com


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    contact information for silkline

    Dear Bob,
    I am currently in Thailand. Is it possible to contact you to discuss about a 20 meters aluminium cat project.
    Best regards

    Florian: flguerre@yahoo.fr
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    Marine Alloy

    Hi Bob

    Just a quick question, I was understanding that there are no Australian mills producing marine alloy.

    Who still does in Australia ?



  9. Barry Parkinson
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    Question for BOB MOTT Silkling Cats


    If you get this, I need info on Silkline 510 HULL 4 for sale at $260,000, do you have any info??????????

    Tel 037641744

    e-mail bazcatana@yahoo,co.uk


    Barry Parkinson - Thailand
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