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    First of all i would like to introduce myself
    My name is Salomao i am originally from Brazil to be more exactly Sao Paulo

    For the last couple years I have been thinking why our boats here look more or less the same.

    Sure, is simple answer this question - Because that is what market is buying .

    But my thought is why they do not research and try to build a boat more fuel efficiency, more hydrodynamic efficiency, some companies are using the same hull for 10, 15 years only changing some portions of the interior design, and product name.

    I work in advertising market, i am passionate about nautical world so i want t put a team together to develop a new product to our market.

    Important as i see we have a huge market for cruises between 24 and 35 footer longer and even bigger for yachts ( but this a different world $$$$$$$$$$$$ )

    Build some low weight deep v hull using aluminium with a high quality standards , Brazilians are very pic about the finishing
    Must have, family accommodations ( as we love to expend weekends on board ), good swimming platform and be beautiful as in our culture Woman's have a very important position o family decisions not saying that they have the last word/:eek::eek::eek::eek: .

    As example Bayliner Cruises Family is a huge success, they even have a manufacturer down here paying much less taxes as if they imported but still their boats are expensive for what is offering

    A 350 is about R$ 800.000 reais more or less U$ 410.000 powered with two 340 Hp mercruises no accessories included

    What i wanna say is that we have money circulating, a lot potential customers, Brazil is a huge market and it is growing.

    So i am writing this msg to discuss with you guys that are much more experienced on this market to see what you thing about it.

    Witch projects will be more fit able?

    Fuel efficiency, good performance (30 knots + - cruising speed ), as our coast line is enormous it is mandatory that hull will have a very good performance on rough seas, this is a product decision point for Brazilians customers.

    We don t see aluminium boats made for this use purpose, only for rivers and work, not as family Cruisers, so one more challenge here , Boat must have a attractive design and offers something else so can call attention for future buyers .

    Looking forward to see your comments

    thank you in advance

    Ps : sorry for some English mistakes
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    How about providing some statistics to your statements -

    "Important as i see we have a huge market for cruises between 24 and 35 footer longer and even bigger for yachts " - what is HUGE, have you got sales and/or registration numbers for each region ?

    "bayliner .... their boats are expensive for what is offering " have you got some examples, and the basis for your statement ?
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    Companies do preform market research and much of your questions are based on unfounded assumptions. A huge amount of money and effort goes into the development of a pleasure craft design that will fit as wide a market share as practical. Once this is established, it takes several years to amortize the costs of tooling, molds, materials, labor, etc., so model runs are long.

    Efficiency and certain materials, just aren't practical selling points. Aluminum is a classic example, though lighter and can be made quite durable, the average potential 18' bow rider purchaser, doesn't want to fool with special primers, corrosion, oil canning, extra build material costs, etc., so aluminum isn't common, nor desirable in the market, in spite of it's many advantages.

    Fuel efficiency and good performance aren't particularly compatible concerns. If you want efficiency, you generally have to kiss off the upper end of the performance envelop. If you are purchasing a boat for it's performance abilities, you generally aren't concerned about how efficient it is, just how fast.

    Maybe you could be best served with some market research yourself. The data is compiled in a number of places and fairly easily gathered up.
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    salomaojr New Member

    What i meant is that pay Us 400.000 for this boat is too high, bayliners are very simplicity on their finishing, and it is a good amount of money.

    You can find much more well finished boats for a less money, but as customers are used to pay high prices from the time that bayliner were imported they just keep buying see a above a example from our crazy taxes.

    Starting price USD100.000,00 + shipment USD2000,00 + shipment taxes USD251,28 (approximately), total CIF of USD102.251,28.
    Converted to todays dollar rate R$2,27 ( normally a bit lower ) CIF value in Reais will be R$232.110,40 Please note that all taxes will be calculated starting from this CIF Value and considering the NCM 8903.92.00, taxes are :

    II 20% = USD20.450,26 = R$46.422,09
    IPI 10% = USD12.270,15 = R$27.853,24
    PIS = 1,65% = USD2.631,75 = R$5.974,07
    Cofins = 7,6% = USD10.878,35 = R$24.693,85
    Taxa SISCOMEX = USD22,84 = R$51,84
    ICMS 17% SC USD30.361,31 = R$71.190,17
    AFRMM = USD562,82 = R$1.275.74
    Total = USD76.907,49 = R$174.580,00

    Port and custom storage (approximate values, considering that will take 20 days to get all documentation done )
    Storage = USD664,63 = R$1.508.77
    Possible surveys with IRS = USD556,82 = R$1.263,98
    Survey with MAPA = USD71,39 = R$162,05
    Customs Clearance= USD571,10 = R$1.296,39
    RADAR = USD50,00 = R$113,5
    Contract = USD4000,00 = R$9.000,00
    Total = USD5.913,94 = R$13.424,64

    102.251,28. +76.907,49 +5.913,94 = total U$185.072,71 approximately R$ 420.115,00 Reias

    As i said on my first post i am looking for advise for people much more experienced in this market then myself

    So this is only my point of view and i m grateful for all the help
  5. salomaojr
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    salomaojr New Member

    Thanks a lot for your reply and once again very thankful for your advice's
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    daiquiri Engineering and Design

    Page 8 of this document gives some ground to those claims: http://brasil.nlembaixada.org/binar...nsten/economie_en_handel/bbb/bbb_dez-2012.pdf

    Same for this one: http://www.cnmarinas.com/assets/files/PDF/Press Releases/TSR 132 - Brazil.pdf

  7. salomaojr
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