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Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by fx_guru, Jan 31, 2003.

  1. Pedja 4
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    Pedja 4 New Member

    Please contact me for more info.I am very intresting.
  2. brian eiland
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    brian eiland Senior Member

    Young Aspiring Designers

    Young Aspiring Designers
    I would be interested in receiving some sample sketches of designs and/or marine ideas from all of those respondents on this tread. I would particularly be interested in your artistic skills.

    Alternatively you could send some existing design(s) [preferrable from the past] from other designers that have inspired you to become involved in marine design.

    I'm an older fellow with only moderate computer skills who may need some help advancing some unusual ideas presented on my website <www.RunningTideYachts.com>.
  3. knute
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    knute New Member

    Young Designer...

    I am a recent graduate of Industrial Design that is interested in your quest. I have only designed and modeled power boats, but was a weekend warrior on a Hunter 280 for a number of years therefore seeking a project to work on that matches this discription. I am skilled in Cad and other 3-d modeling programs and I am a good modeler. I would be more than willing to relocate and help out on this project. I am a farm boy so I also have a good work ethic that seems to be minimal in others these days. If you'd like a resume and sample sheet please email me at Knudsenuc@hotmail.com or call me at (307)532-3391
  4. glossdesign
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    glossdesign Arch.

    Need help?

    I guesswe can help you. We are an italian design team, working in naval architecture, design and engineering of sailboat, multihull and motoryacht.
    Visit our web pages to see samples of new design (and a 32.7 trimaran) and mail us for info.
  5. Daniel Fenton
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    Daniel Fenton Marine Recruitment

    A. & S. Consultants International Limited specialise in finding good technical, and marine personnel. Finding staff whilst working to difficult timeframes can be very stressful. We provide a service that will save you time by searching and assessing hundreds of candidates, short listing and interviewing short-listed candidate before sending CV’s through for your requirement. A. & S. relies on team work.

    We have an excellent reputation and provides an ongoing service for clients and candidates. It is our job to help an office run smoothly “The happier people are the better the product they produce”.

    Our aim is to produce a successful working relationship in the marine industry catering for Yachts Designers / Naval Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers, Boat Builders, Cabinet Makers etc. on an international scale.

    Attached is a listing of candidates available. If you are interested in receiving any CV’s or candidate information etc., please feel free to contact us.

    Kind regards

    Daniel Fenton

  6. caseytcampbell
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    caseytcampbell New Member

    Young Designer


    I have completed a Bachelors degree in Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering at Memorial University. My employment history includes petroleum industry work, design and drafting work, consulting and R & D experience and, most recently, a government position where I dealt with the administration and development of regulations and standards. Working in the drilling industry combined with experience gained working in a design office I have become a team player who enjoys working and learning in a team. I am also someone who can work independently and efficiently. During my time at Oceanic Consulting I worked with the testing team doing dynamic tests of scaled down ocean vessels and structures. My principal duties were data collection, with some analysis and modelling.

    My education in the engineering discipline coupled with my hands-on practical industry experience will provide you with an engineer who is eager to learn, innovative, and dedicated to providing exceptional service. I have attached my resume and can be reached at (403)271-2419. Thank you very much for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Sincerely yours,

    Casey Campbell

    Attached Files:




    Accept greetings from Cameroon. It's with all due respect; I will like to do some inquiries. I am a holder of national baccalaureate in mechanical fabrication, with three years industrial working experience as welder and a tuner. I am also preparing for the city and guilds of London level 3 in mechanical engineering theory and manufacturing.

    I will like to know if I can obtain an offer of employment or the right to work in Australia through you while I am in Cameroon. If it is possible then let me know the procedure.

    Why waiting to read from you, I remain yours faithfully,

    Ndam Victor Mbah

    Note: I accept that should any amount spent before my actually start of duty with you, be deducted from my monthly salaries.
  8. Maciej Szary

    Maciej Szary Guest

    apply for a situation


    Personal details

    Name: Maciej Szary
    Address: Falista 22 D / 16
    81-331 Gdynia
    Date of birth: 24 June 1975
    Email: maciej_szary@poczta.onet.pl, tel: (+48) 600 280 570

    - 1995-1999 Technical University of Gdańsk, Shipconstructions & Ocaenotechnical Department; engineering studies; specialization : floating objects technology
    - 1990-1995 Technical High School of Shipbuilding „ Conradinum ”; specialization ship electrician.

    Professional experience
    - 2004-present Gdynia Shipyard, in Design Office as self dependent naval architect.
    - 2003-2004 Tribon Solutions AB, in Front Line Support and Help Desk as Support engineer
    - 1999-2003 Gdynia Shipyard, in Design Office as naval architect.

    Additional skills
    - TRIBON,
    - AutoCad 2000
    - Languages: English, Polish

    - Mountain bikes
    - Cooking.

    Maciej Szary,
    Falista 22 D / 16,
    Gdynia, Poland
    E mail : maciej_szary@poczta.onet.pl
    tel: (+48) 600 280 570

    Letter of application

    I am writing to apply for the position of naval architect.

    1n 1997, when I was a student I started part-time work in the Design Office of Gdynia Shipyard. I was drawing detail drawings of bulkheads, deckhouses bottoms etc.

    When I graduated Technical University of Gdańsk I started to work in Gdynia Shipyard as a naval architect

    Mostly I was creating 3D models and detail drawings of ship construction. I was involved on wide range of projects as: container ships, paper cargo ships, universal tanker, and car - ferries. I was also involved in early design and prepared drawings - deck for car ferry and bulkheads for container ship. From January 2002 to November 2003 I was the supervisor of car-carrier. I co-operated with chief engineer, production departments, shipowner, Quality Department of Gdynia Shipyard and Det Norske Veritas (DNV). Mainly I was responsing for requests by phone and physically on workshop too. Futhermore I was responsible for construction changes and sketches of repair on ships. Together with Chief engineer I was responsible for sending our new constructions to Det Norske Veritas headoffice and negotiating details with DNV inspectors in their local office and with shipowner as well.

    Since November 2003 to April 2004 I was working in Sweden, in Tribon Solutions AB head office in Front Line Support and Help Desk Department. I was verifying customer’s requests, checking those problems in different Tribon version i.e. in Tribon M2 and M3. I was co-operating with customers, Tribon local offices worldwide and program developers in Malmo to find the best possible solution for customer reuqests. I was working in Tribon Hull apllications mainly Planar, Curved and Nesting.

    Since September 2004 I have been working in Gdynia Shipyard. I have been promoted to self dependent naval architect. My main duty is supervising of new project and preparing construction’s drawings.

    I am open-minded, conscientious, experienced that is why I think I could be a perfect candidate for the position of naval architect.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you in due course.

    Yours sincerely
    Maciej Szary
  9. vinceduf
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    vinceduf Junior Member

    :D Well I suppose, I'm a bit too old for a "young" designer. So long
  10. Luis Batista

    Luis Batista Guest

    Naval Architect / Marine Engineer


    I am interested in joining your project, I am currently working by Blohm+Voss Repair GmbH in Hamburg and I will be free next 9th December.

    My professional skills are closely related to 3d ship modelling, Fem analysis/ Ship Structural Project. I have also strong Autocad skills that allow me to do all sort of plans to Class.

    Please email me to Luis.Batista@tkt-bvr.thyssenkrupp.com if you feel interested and then I can send you my CV with Academic and Professional Experience.

    best regards, Luis Batista
  11. anoop21
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    anoop21 New Member

    Dear sir

    I am a naval architect, working in an International design consultancy
    Please revert with if intrested.

    Warm regards
  12. jankozelko
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    jankozelko Junior Member

    CV for a position


    Veliki Popovic, 35223 Veliki Popovic,
    Tel. +381-35-621-700;
    Mobil tel: +381-64-260-2598

    E-mail: jankozelko@ptt.yu

    Date of birth Feb-22-1973
    Place of birth Ivanjica, Serbia, Serbia and Montenegro

    Employment Profile
    A Researcher, a Scientist, an Inventor and a Designer in the cooperation with the Department for Motor Vehicles and IC engines Faculty of Mechanical engineering, University of Kragujevac, Yugoslavia for seven years from 1996 year to today.
    Function researching and developing on personal projects from Motor Vehicles and engines and to my other innovations with my mentor and cooperator PhD. Dragoljub Radonjic. My main occupation is the scientist work for seven years voluntary as a researcher and as an inventor. I have worked completely new designs of products from different materials and to large number of areas for producing.
    My innovations:

    1. RIM 1 (Rotation Integral Internal Combustion Engine) is patented (P-134/97)
    2. RIM2 (Rotation Integral Internal Combustion Engine)
    3. RIM3 (Rotation Integral Internal Combustion Engine)
    4. RIM SUS 4 E (Rotation Integral Internal Combustion Engine)
    6. ABD (Axial Body Drive) and ABD Submarine is patented (P-277/02)
    7. Extra shine toothbrush is patented (P-896/03)
    8. Ice Miles Tire
    9. The Oscillation Electrical Generator for Wind (50/60 Hz)
    10. The Oscillation Electrical Generator for the Waves (50/60 Hz)
    11. The Bottle and glasses in one is patented (P-897/03)
    12. The box for a set of lipsticks is patented (M-143/03)
    13. The wall book shelf like a steering wheel is patented (M-142/03)
    14. The breaking system for and oil tankers in cases of a danger
    15. The pot with a thermal with a thermal mixing system
    Prototypes are made for RIM SUS 1 and ABD.
    In 1998, I won on International Congress Vehicles and Engines in Kragujevac and got the reward as a best young inventor. I had many presentations at the Department for Motor. I was researching on the project of RIM SUS 1 with Mr. Dragoljub Radonjic Ph.D. He teaches at Department for Motor Vehicles and IC engines, Faculty of Mechanical engineering, University of Kragujevac. We were in cooperation with Mr. Dusan Gruden Ph.D. from Porsche and Mr. Tadija Jurkovic mech. Eng. from Opel.
    Many works of mine were presented in newspapers and TV.
    Work experience for seven years as an inventor, a designer and a researcher in the different areas of Mechanical engineering.
    Work experience one year (‘97/’98) in DP DEMI at Plazane, near of Despotovac. I was working as a mechanical constructor to the designing of hydraulic jacks.

    Work experience of five years from 1998 to 2003 in Auto Service FENIX at Despotovac as a Technical supervisor or a chief of section for maintenance of Motor Vehicles. My duties were sale of the cars, motorcycles and bicycles, a control of quality work, direction of the company at all sectors. I worked urgency interventions in the electrical, waterworks and air installations, including reparation interventions of machines and of equipments.
    My currently employment is from March in 2004 in Dam Mont at Dvoriste (Despotovac) as a mechanical engineer. My duties are creating LCC files for CNC laser cutting machine (BYSTRONIC Switzerland). The machine cuts and engraves of metals with the laser’s ray.


    High school degree: in Arilje (graduated, June 1991)-mechanical technician.

    I have a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering (graduated, August 2000) at the Department for Motor Vehicles and IC Engines, Faculty of Mechanical engineering, University of Kragujevac, Yugoslavia

    Graduation project was my invention, New Rotation Combustion Internal engine II
    Mark Excellent 10.

    Recognizing of new solution for the better function of products and designing of modern attractive lines for new view of products. I always work at the same time with my special ability for innovating and for designing as a professional mechanical engineer with my knowledge. I want to work diligent, only like that I can make closer all my ambitions. As a very professional and as a man who is delivered to his own work, I do anything, what is in my power, for perfectly work in the company. Only quality work, which is done correct at the time is the key for all ambitions and success of mine. I adapt very easy to all situations, and I am always ready to do quickly, skilled and professional. At the first place it is always professional work for me.

    Computer skills::
    Construction programmes
    2D, 3D Auto Cad design program, Cad Point design program and Mechanical Desktop, design program, By Soft (By Part, By Work …)
    Computing/ICT, general competences
    MS Word word-processing application, PowerPoint presentation program and WordPerfect word-processing application.
    Graphical Programmes
    3D Studio MAX 3D program, Corel Draw illustration program and Photoshop photo editor.
    Operating systems
    Windows 95/98 operating system, Windows Me, operating system and Windows XP, operating system.

    Languages: very good in English, good in Russian
    Native language: fluent in Serbian (Croatian, Bosnian).

    I would like to work for a company where I would be able to show my abilities, my skills, my enthusiasm, punctual and reliable of mine. I would like to work as a part of a team in new projects especially to creating of new work successes in the meaning of betterment to interests of the company.

    Professional affiliations
    Yugoslav Society of Automotive Engineers YUMV

    I am married, two children, and 30 years of age, military service is completed. I have a drive license B and BE, also I would access to car for work purposes.
  13. interior design student 3rd year

    dear sir or madam .As I am embarking a carrier in boat design and one thought it would be a professional thing to do to consult a reperaerble company such as yours. so would you be so kind to give me pointers for my start in this wonderful market. yours faithfully Anne Lafontaine.
  14. Daniel Fenton
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    Daniel Fenton Marine Recruitment



    A. & S. Consultants Int. Ltd. specialize in Marine Recruitment (Naval Architects, Project Managers, Designers, Interior Designers, Draughtspeople, Engineers, Boat Builders, Lamintors, Painters etc.).

    Please email us a copy of your CV with passport sized photo (require internationally) so we can assist you.

    Kind regards

    A. & S. Consultants

    Daniel Fenton
    Marince Recruitment Consultant


  15. woody_paul
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    woody_paul HND Boat design student


    I am currently in my final year of BSC Power and Sail studies, I have already completed a HND in Leisure boat design. Advanced composite techniques is a big part of my course, and some of the work I have completed here has involved testing and advancing composite panels for Jonathon Jones F1 powerboat racer. I am now looking for work in the marine design industry, and am very prepared to Migrate to wherever work is available. It would be much appreciated if you could email me back with any suitable position that may be available, and what would be required of me. if needed I can put together a portfolio of my work and forward that on to you.

    Thank you for you Time

    Paul Kirkwood
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