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Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by Mark St.Romain, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. Mark St.Romain
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    Mark St.Romain New Member

    Does anyone know a website with multiple listings for used fiberglass hulls? I'm looking for anything from hulls that need a lot of work to something newer. Not too picky about the type, although 30'+ monohulls are preferable. I'm looking for a weekend warrior project. Thanks all!
  2. PAR
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    PAR Yacht Designer/Builder

    Derelicts typically aren't worth anything so running an ad in the paper or on line just increases the costs associated with the boat, which generally has no interested parties.

    Larger boats, like 30'ers will be in marinas and boat repair yards. They usual have an unpaid bill or two and many can be had just by paying this bill. The easiest way is to get on your horse and check out every marina and boat yard up and down the coastal areas.

    They're easy to recognize. They'll be the remains of a tattered tarp dripping off them, used tires holding down the deck, no signs of owner visits in years, peeling paint, etc. Talk to the workers, not the shop foreman first. They'll tell you the real story about the boat. The shop foreman will tell you what ever they think you might want to hear, especially if you indicate you're looking for a project.

    In most major boating areas, there's also a boat graveyard. These aren't as easy to find, but the can be seen from the road. The boats will be haphazardly stacked, not necessarily on their keels. Most of the hardware worth pulling will be missing, but the hulls remain, if they're not sold as fuel for the local land fill. In you area there should be hundreds.
  3. Rory in Florida
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    Rory in Florida Junior Member

    Chance of a Life Time!!!

    I have a 30 foot off-shore racing type catamaran just sitting along side my house. I was going to make it into a commercial fishing boat, but that project just never got off the ground. It's listed on Craig's List right now with a picture. My wife (by mistake) put it under Melbourne, Australia, instead of Melbourne, Florida. The listing # on Craigs List is 948925503. There is no power, no rigging, and no trailer - just the boat.
  4. Rory in Florida
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    Rory in Florida Junior Member

    I've got your fiberglass hull!!!

    Hi Mark,
    I have a 30 foot cat hull for sale. It's in Palm Bay, Florida. My post is listed here in these forums. Leave me your email address in my post if you are interested or need any other information. Thanks, Rory

  5. RHP
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    Go to yachtWorld.com and search on the word 'Damaged'.

    There´s usually a few nice yachts that need repairs whatever, amongst them they´ll be a gem especially these days during this financial crisis.
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