Looking for speedboat plans any advice?

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by Aljosa, Mar 18, 2018.

  1. Aljosa
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    Aljosa New Member

    Hello glad to be part of this comunity.
    Following my greatest passion toward sea and boats found this site.

    Currently going to naval.arch. school so idea crossed my mind why to w8 3 more years and waste so much free time till I learn all things about boat design and hull construction,stability etc.

    So my question is can someone direct me toward some good boat plans seller with alredy know hull stability,and performance,if it is off charge even better lol.I guess nothing is for free so I alredy made peace with that fact.

    Alredy looked at bruce roberts web.
    designs seems out date to me.

    Looking for speed boat plans/fiberglass.
    Any advice would be useful.

  2. DSR
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    Hi Aljosa, welcome to the forum!

    Sorry, but you're going to have to be more specific in what you're looking for. I see that you want to build in fiberglass, but what size range are you looking for? What kind of water do you expect to run in? What type of power (inboard, outboard, stern drive)? Ski / play boat or accomodations for overnight(s)?

    If you can narrow down the specifics to your question, it would give members a good direction to go to be able to help :)

  3. Aljosa
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    Aljosa New Member

    Looking for deep V,
    LOA 32,81 ft - 10 m (min)
    B - around 3,7 m (width) for initial stabillity
    Or Bmax around 3,9 m with all addons (not so important as it is up to addons)
    H- 3 - 3.5m top with bridge

    Lower flooring 2 cabins,black water tank,engine
    Upper floor nav. Deck

    Boat autonomy should be at least for 7 days
    Inboard diesel engine up to 200hp with possibility to add up back up motor.

    idea is to build fast cruiser,planing to run it in adriatic sea,6 people max for excursion around islands.
    Lot of strong and dangerous winds/bad weather at this area.
    Upper deck is irrelevant to me,can design it on my own.
    Don't want to waste money on untested hull as it would require lot of tests '
    Thinking to build it in fiberglass,as steel increase gross weight and in my opinion with that comes extra charges.
    Nav. Deck should be open.
    wide stern with a flat or rounded mirror, tilted towards the interior to facilitate access from the sea and extend the water line.

    That are current ideas that cross my mind.

  4. TANSL
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    A ratio L / B = 2.7 seems a bit low. You can get enough initial stability with 3.5, taking care of the CoG, with which the speed can be higher, or the power needed, for a certain speed, lower.
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