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    Stephex Group is a Belgian company active in the showjumping world owning, breeding and trading horses. Some of them are Olympic medal winners. Beside topsport, Stephex is active in the manufacturing of luxury trucks for horse transportation and luxury motorhomes.


    We are looking for an experienced Interior Designer from the yacht or aircraft industry to produce outstanding creative solutions and designs for the interiors of our luxury Motorhomes.

    You translate the projects briefings into strong concept designs. You have an obsession of getting every detail right. You feel comfortable with all stages of interior design. The concepts you deliver are elegant and innovative. With your knowledge and experience you give guidance to more junior designers from our Interior Design team located in Hungary. You know how to produce finished plans, specifications, and material selections

    The function is preferably based in Belgium or Hungary although working as a freelance from your home country is an option which will be considered

    Job requirements:
    • Degree from an accredited Interior Design - Interior Architecture education
    • English in word and writing. French or Dutch is an asset
    • 8+ years’ experience working preferably on high-end, luxury yacht or aircraft interior projects
    • An extensive understanding of design best practices/guidelines and how to articulate these principles
    • Conceptual approach and experience in specifying FF&E (furniture, fixture and equipment) and styling materials and colours
    • Excellent technical drawing skills
    • Skilled in free hand sketches
    • Strong sense of aesthetics
    • Determine and apply colors and materials of furniture and decoration
    • Collaborate with the design team to bring the concept design into a final design and documentation stage.
    • Collaborate and communicate effectively and professionally with multidisciplinary team members
    • Experience in 3D Max, Rhino, AutoCAD and Photoshop
    If you are looking for creating high luxury interiors for Motorhomes and love to work in a team, then I would like to receive an PM (I'm new on this forum so I assume you can send private messages …) from you in which you describe who you are, why you chose to become an Interior Designer and what you would like to achieve in the short and in the longer term. Please attach your resume and portfolio as an attachment. If selected for an interview you will be asked to sketch out a small interior project.
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    I am interested in this job, I have more than 120 vessels & 18 years 3d experience. I think I can do well the job. I'm currently looking for new job ,would be appreciate if have any job opportunity from you !
    Pls via my website for more info. www.tz3dstudio.com

    Below are my design & 3d works



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