Looking for sailor! Please help if you can.

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    Hi all. I joined because I am trying to help my husband find a friend of his from the 1980s. His name is Hal Andersen and is a sailor from the Florida area back then. My husband lost his contact information many years ago and has been trying to find him for years. He remembered his mom lived in Copenhagen, which was the contact address he had for him since he never really had a home-base. I found a reference to him on this forum, he's the one whose multihull got hit by a trawler and was able to continue his journey, as I read. My husband had been invited to sail to Australia from Florida with him back then, and he's heartbroken he's never been able to find him since. If anyone has information how to contact him, please PM me. This is not spam at all. My husband's name is Paul Rocheleau and this is very legit.

    As an aside, I was crew on a Pearson 26 that won the Texas Governor's Cup back in 1985 or so on Lake Travis in Austin, TX.

    Thank you anyone who can help us. :)

    Kathryn Rocheleau
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    Miniscule chance
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