Looking for plans for my dream sailboat

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by jedclampit, Feb 26, 2006.

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    jedclampit Junior Asparagus

    Hey all,

    I’m looking for plans to customized and build my dream sailboat.

    Here are the Requirements:
    I would like the biggest sailboat that I can trailer (less than 12,000 lbs and less than 10’ beam with a retractable or swing keel).
    Length should be less than 32’ but larger than 25’
    Height should be less than 12’ while sitting on a custom trailer
    I would like something faster than a full displacement hull (comparing to a spray class)
    Comfortable for a family of five for extended periods (several months)
    Capable to cruise the Caribbean and the northeastern cost of Canada
    Have a range of five hundred miles while on power (large fuel capacity to canal cruise)
    Capable of easy single handed sailing
    Having a rig that’s easy to raise and lower with a winch for single handed and for canal cruising (low fixed bridges)
    Have lots of storage and a huge refrigerator/freezer
    Have air conditioning and heating (possible insulation for the cabin)
    Possible addition of a pilot house
    All the bells and whistles of a larger yacht in a smaller package that is fast to sail
    Basically the best pocket cruiser yacht that will sail fast and then sit on a trailer.

    Construction Method:
    Thin plywood over wood frame encased in fiberglass (inside and out) Multi-Chine.

    Anyone have any suggestions or links?

    The only boat that I have seen to date that has some of these requirements (that would require customization) is the Spray.

    I’d like to purchase stock plans and then modify myself…anyone have any designs that would meet all these requirements or that could be customized to meet all of them?


  2. Windvang
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    Windvang Yacht Designer

  3. jedclampit
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    jedclampit Junior Asparagus

    That's a start...Very nice Thank you...Is this your design?
    There are many things that I love about this boat...but a few things I question. I will research this one...

    Thanks again.

    Anyone want to collaborate on a design? You, they or all will be able to keep the rights to the design and I will build and test the prototype?
  4. messabout
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    messabout Senior Member

    You are describing a utopion boat that is an improbable reality. You have asked for a number of things that will occupy space and weigh the boat down. Air conditioning for one, Huge refrigeration/freezer, motoring range 500 miles, etc. In the same specification, you have used the word "fast" several times. For starters you must quantify the term; fast.

    In the length range you have described your displacement length ratio will be something on the order of 300. That ain't going to be fast. You'll be hard pressed to make such a boat come in under 12000 pounds (5.35 long tons). It will need quite a bit of sail to drive a short heavy boat fast. A lot of sail means that single handing will become problematic and the mast or masts will be sizable which causes problems with raising and lowering.

    Accomodations for five people, for extended periods, implies a much larger boat. You could think in terms of a fat boat that might accomodate five people. If fat, it will further violate your need for speed and not live well on the trailer.

    If you are serious about this, then I suggest that you make a priority list. What feature is really important and what is dispensible ?. A responsible designer will demand to know the details of your priority list. Your description sounds like it might be a house boat, but a houseboat will not fare well on carribean cruises. And it wont go fast. It'll be sufficiently comfortable for those five family members. It'll do well on canal cruises, It will be fairly easy to build.

    You could think in terms of a multi hull to get the speed and space that you desire. Trailering then becomes something of a problem. So does launching, slip fees, and the frequent derision of effete mono hullers.

    I will watch this thread with interest. There are some really smart designers out there who may be able to work this miracle. I have some skepticism but I endeavor to keep an open mind. Incidentally, "Open mind" is a catch phrase frequently uttered in conjuntion with a very competant but unconventional designer named Phillip Bolger. This is the kind of project that he seems to thrive on.

    Excuse me for assuming the role of devils advocate.

  5. Neverbehind
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    Neverbehind Junior Member

    Sacriface a little length

    A great site to look for plans that may suit your needs is:
    I hope you find what your looking for.
  6. jedclampit
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    jedclampit Junior Asparagus

    I think that I have a solution that I’m working on now… It is 35 foot LOA with 10 foot wide beam…on a trailer with less than 12,000 lbs and all the goodies.

    I have some great ideas and I’m going to travel down that road…I’ll post the new hull design that I’m working on that I believe that will meet all my needs. I got inspired by the link that was posted above… A 40 footer at 8 foot wide on a trailer…I have some real problems with some of the design concepts, but it’s a bit closer to what I had in mind.

    Again, I’m comparing Fast to a Spray full displacement hull….I’d like to achieve hull speed plus…under sail and the same under power…wink. I’m not looking to win any races, I just want to go as fast as my other demands will allow…

    GENE, SEE THIS LINK… http://www.riohondoyachts.com/index.html
    for a similar concept…I can do much better…

    I have some great concepts that I want to incorporate all into one boat.


  7. Scott McClintoc
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    Scott McClintoc New Member

    Anyone want to discuss, please write rohondo@aol.com or call 480-231-0959

    Prototype is nearing completion, next design will be more traditional bluewater cruiser for tow to four.

    Scott McClintock
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